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The Market Place

THERE'S  no cure for stupidity. The DNA would always project what it's heavily made of and I suppose no education or medicine could change that. I mean what's up with the bible burning fest planned for this Sunday in Penang (Malaysia)? An event to burn bibles in the Malay language simply because they contain the Arabic word Allah. I wish the leader of the group knew how freely the word is being used in Christian churches here in the middle-east. It's not a word exclusive to only Muslims like how his shallow mind imagines it to be. I suppose you could call it one of the desperate sentiments leading up to the nearing general election but still...I shudder to imagine the very notion of it. I'm thinking ...what happened to the very basic respect for other religions, beliefs and way of life especially in a multi-cultural soceity such as ours? It's not cool. Not at all. I hope the cops are on this like how they would be if the roles were reversed. Not that it would ever be - you know, you need a special kind of DNA details for that sort of mindset. 

I was on a good mode yesterday, spending the evening at a popular local market in Doha. Souq Waqif is a shopping destination at the city centre where one could find anything from heaps of spices, local garments and food to finding the perfect pet. It's also a great place to sit back with a shisha while you watch people pass by. My favourite shisha place here is at a restaurant called Le Gourmet. Smooth Shisha with long-lasting flavour. On weekends, it's almost impossible to find a parking spot to get to the souq (market). Week days are better for agoraphobics like myself. There's also a lot to explore in photo terms at Souq Waqif but for now, I'll leave you with pictures of some of the pets on sale.  

This green pair  from the parrot family of birds are common here at the market. 

These are so 80s. The kids in the neighbourhood used to have some of these dyed chicks when we were kids. Dad bought us a real chicken instead. I think it must have been a mutant or something. A big one which laid really big eggs. 

Love these furry ones.  A single rabbit makes a perfect pet but a couple only stay a couple for a while before you see a community of them...hmm, speaking from experience. 

A fighting fish. I never saw a logic in keeping one of these.  Fishes in general don't make sense as pets to me. 

Cute Persians. They seem sad though. I wish someone bought and took them home. 

Him, I wanted! Look at that face. 

Terrapins. My brother gave me one when I was 18.  Never a good idea to let them go on a field of grass for leisure though. 
Thought these were interesting.  Birds with feathered feet. 


African Grey Parrots 

I don't do reptiles. NO.  


  1. Yeah people who are closed minded idiots will always be it seems.

    Great shots, pets by the lots. Hopefully the poor kitties find a home and the pup too.

  2. Ah, you need to visit the blog of Stella Deleuze to find out about loving reptiles! Her Iguana is 10 times as big as the lizards on your shoulder.
    As for me, I'm a cat-loving ape. Those Persians need a lot of stroking.

    1. i've seen her iguana. huge. i guess once the fear is out of the way, the animal can be a mate.
      you'd look good with a kitty next to you GB. i just imagined it.

  3. I like the birds with the feathered feet, and I'm with you regarding tolerance.

    1. yeah, those are different. havent seen anything like it before.
      even when i say i cant tolerate stupidity, i still do tolerate them.

  4. This seems like so much fun to me Jaya, those birds are so cute looking, I'd love to visit a place like this, tropical birds are one of the coolest sights to see in my opinion for some reason!

    1. some tropical birds are so exotic they dont look like anything you've seen before :)

  5. Amen on the Bible burning. So stupid and intolerant. Even as a non-religious person, I wouldn't disrespect someone else's holy book.

    Interesting array of pets. The dyed chicks disturb me. I'm actually not a fan of pet birds of any sort, although I would have chickens for eggs. I don't care for the Betas either. No fish should have to live in a tiny cup. I used to have a couple of 55-gallon aquariums with tropical fish - they had plenty of room to swim around and friends to be with.

    1. stupid and intolerant. there is a group of them - nothing could change they way they are.

      those dyed chicks. that's why dad never got us those chicks when we were kids. we had chicken for eggs. and i'm also with you on pet birds although i love looking at and admiring them.
      those were huge tanks! we've never had fishes. i dont know how to relate to them.

  6. I hate religious ignorance! But I LOOOOOVE those animal pics - so cute!

  7. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein.

  8. The Bible burning is ridiculous. And it's only a few of those muslim leaders who are responsible for these crazyily outrageous ideas!
    Duncan In Kuantan

    1. the leaders incite and there are followers who cant think for themselves.
      blind and stupid on top of that.

  9. I would buy ALL those animals Jaya if I went to that market! As for burning Bibles.... Man never fails to make me shake my head in wonderment.

    1. with that you can start a mini zoo, Juliette :)
      sometimes, ppl like us can just shake the head in wonderment.

  10. Oh the amount of stupidity in this world never seems to wane.

    I'm not really an animal person - well I like some of them THEORETICALLY. For example, I like rabbits theoretically: meaning I like to look at them but I don't want to touch them.

  11. Don't you know David what's-his-name-againis an animal? As if you didn't know....


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