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The 'C' Word

WOULD you have known that Chrometophobia actually referred to the fear of money ? Quite frankly, I thought it was the fear of chrome. I don't know of anyone in my world who feared cash cuz most would be happy to be printing money in their backyards so they had greedy amount of paper money to sleep on or to keep a bonfire going with it! Okay, I'm exaggerating but I don't see how one can be persistently fearful of money to such distressing point that there was a need to coin a word for it. So I was somewhat perplexed when I first heard of the C word during a recent Business Writing workshop by Rajen Devadason (I realised I knew more about car engines than economics at the workshop). Consequently, that got me Googling for other uncommon phobias (or at least in my mind), and I ended up with the list below! To learn about more phobias, go to

1) Arachibutyrophobia : You wouldn't have guessed it too, but this is the fear of peanut butter sticking to…

"Green is your Colour"

SAREES are some of the nicest things I'd spend my money on although I only see myself wearing them three or four times a year for weddings. Still, I love sarees more than any other Indian costume cuz they bring out a woman's curves in a most flattering way (provided one wears one that's suitable). So, while shopping with my mother and aunt yesterday, I dragged them out of a spice shop to check out a certain saree boutique on Lahat Road, Ipoh. Beautiful colours and materials in all shades and texture, some were designer sarees, and some, according to the shop assistant, were 'one-only' pieces.
"Unique pieces, Miss. If you wear one of these to a party, I guarantee you'd be the only one wearing it," he said in good spirit. Sounded nice, but I've always taken the sweet words of a saree shop assistant with a jar of salt. At least this person stopped at that. Some fellas would start qouting you their 'best price' once they've noticed your l…

Counting Sheep

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our
little life
Is rounded with a sleep. - The Tempest, Shakespeare -
But what do you do when you can't sleep ? I, for one, count sheep, and it works on most times (although as a child, it was easier to imagine goats than sheep cuz my grandfather's home was next to a goat farm that fortunately didn't belong to us. But yea, counting goats was not the same as counting sheep cuz I never liked them goats - they stared. Then again, I also hated Granfather's chickens - they chased. Damn birds with agression issues). 

Last night was a struggle as I tossed and turned, and finally wriggled out of bed and got onto Twitter to moan about my sleepless state (I think the caffeine from our Desk meeting did me in but thank heavens I wasn't palpitating). Just the night before, sleep came over me like I was under a spell. My eyelids were desperately heavy beyond control and swift, sweet, sleep swept me away the moment I hit the pillow. I was c…