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Caramel Cream

SOMETIMES our search for something will lead to something else. By chance, we discover new things, ideas, faith, places and people. During my search for the almost extinct Revlon Pressed Power in Caramel (15) recently in Kuala Lumpur (yes, I'm back home for a bit), I discovered the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation, also in Caramel (340). Now I've always used Laura Mercier Tinted Mosturiser for the most of my make-up wearing life and I've believed and still believe in the product. If you ask me, it has to bethee best tinted mosturiser in the world! I prefer it to any other of its kind or foundations. Although I don't wear foundations, I've had the chance to sample some of those in the market, both mid and high end. Perhaps, I don't need as much coverage as some others but I've never been a foundation fan. Most are too heavy, greasy or cakey. Not my cup of tea. 

When I came across Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation, I tested it simply because it came in Ca…

The Ferrari Coaster

I faced it but failed to ace it. My fear of speed on undulating coaster tracks that is. We were at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi last month. It's a huge indoor theme park running on the Ferrari theme. You can pretty much tell that speed and red are big at this park - two things that get me a little nail-biting nervous and cranky. If it wasn't for the theme park junkie who is the husband, I'd much rather be on a random desert or beach trip. 

It's basically like the Disneyland of Ferrari. If you've experienced Disneyland, then you'd know of the kind of rides that I'm talking about. Indoor water rides, themed introductory rides, coasters and various games. The difference is that this park is entirely indoors (except for the coasters) and the rides are meant to give you a look and experience into the world of Ferrari and its technology. In short, it's the ultimate Ferrari show-off. 

The highlight at the park has to be the Formula Rossoroller coaster. The queue for …

Beat It With Beets!

MY first experience with beetroots wasn't too disappointing like how it was for the other kids. It did feel like I was chewing on muddy grass. The earthy scent and flavour of beets didn't go down well with me but I ate it anyway because of its gorgeous colour! Unbelievable deep red from something so ordinary on the outside. I was morbidly fascinated by beetroots from the time I saw my grandma slice through one as it left bloody burgundy stains on her fingers and the wooden chopping board. 

Many years later, my mom fed me with a combination of beetroot, apple and carrot juices daily at a low point when my system was down. Initially I was a little irked by the idea of having to consume raw beet but the experience wasn't bad at all. The combination was red and delicious, and, rich and healing. Two years ago, the same combination became a big part of my dad-in-law's diet when he was recovering from stomach cancer and I'd say it helped in a speedy recovery for him as wel…