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Cinema Horrors and The Conjuring

IT'S only fair that my review of the horror flick, The Conjuring starts right from the cinema I was at. I don't know if it's an accepted norm or just bad-upbringing that leads to poor level of civic-consciousness at the cinemas here (in Qatar). For most part of this much awaited movie (I love horror), I was too distracted by the inhumane spirits around me rather than the demons in the show. 

Why? Just when the movie began, a man on the front  row kept his radio/ mobile phone/ whatever gadget switched on and publicly aired the complete Azan (Muslim call for prayer) for the time. So I was trying hard to catch what the freaky doll, Annabelle was all about in between the Azan and feeling completely appalled by the grace with which everyone around him accepted it like it was home and prime time news. 

What's with talking, having full conversations in the cinema! The two women, just two seats away from us, did nothing but talk through the entire movie. Talking to each other an…