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Instagramania #2

I'M feeling empowered by Instagram and that may explain my addiction to the fun application right now. Without any time-consuming photo-editing, I have gorgeous Andrew-Campbell worthy pictures instantly with the app. (Or not, tell me Andrew). My only problem is that Instagram doesn't seem to be stable on my Android phone. The app has random shut-down fits and it's really frustrating especially when I see something nice while on the go. Poofff! There goes the desert full of aimless camels! I have no problems with the app on my i-Phone though - it's perfect except that the 3GS model doesn't allow for good quality photos in the dark. Oh well. Here are more photos. 

Is there like a conniving set of rules in Blogger for photo uploads that I'm unaware of ??? Can't seem to upload any more than these.

Instagramania #1

ONEwould think that going from a busy working woman to currently being unemployed would give me plenty of time. You know, like many hours of don't-know-what-to-do. But it seems like I still don't have enough time. Not sure how the hours fly by but I do spend many leisurely hours basking in the sun and going for walks in the neighbourhood or stalking people on Facebook on top of the real social activities with friends here. I've also been taking some photographs. On and off Instagram and here are some.