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Grey Skies and Feeling Blue

I love this photograph. A friend had put it up on Facebook recently and I fell in love with it immediately. Blue skies to me, spell nice things and put me in an instant cheery mood. Along with the warmth of the sun on my skin and some wind in my hair, it's easier to smile and look forward to things in a positive light. It gives hope. 

The current haze that we're experiencing here is just very disturbing in every way. They say it's due to a forest fire in Indonesia but it feels more like the whole country had burned down or something. The Indonesians must have lungs of steel to withstand a nuclear blast if I can feel this way being 900 miles away from them. My sky is a constant blur of grey it doesn't look well at all. The air has a smoky smell to it and for me, smoky is only good in your BBQ meals. The visibility is as if the Kuala Lumpur skyline has been magically erased off my bedroom window frame. I no longer see the undulating hills from my living room. So yeah, I&#…

The Mean One

WHAT do I do without prompts during sluggish times like this. Thanks to Mama Kat's. I'd share something mean someone had said to me once, and why it has stuck with me after all these years. 

You know how some people are plain weird ? The type that others would avoid simply because it's the easy way out around them? I've always thought that some of these individuals are just lonely and they could do with company once in a while. That's how I ended up spending some tea breaks with Madam X because most people just avoided her. So yeah. I took pity. Madam X was a smart lady with just too many personal issues that sometimes screwed up her talents. Often in a dreamy state, she loved talking about the drama that went on in her life and I'd always just listened. She also frequently went off topic and lectured about randoms things like what's inside a computer or the circuit of an electrical device. Now that's clearly not my cup of tea but I'd always listened…

The Alice

EVER since I've started going back-to-basic with my feet, I've been having a tough time arm-twisting my head, trying to focus on something that's not shoes - you know, particularly the high sort that many seem to use to climb the corporate ladder with, which I have plenty of. Not good for the back and the 33 joints that allow 26 bones in our foot to move freely, I've been told :) 

As a result, I haven't ventured all that far from the ladies department as my focus now lingers on handbags! I bought something nasty two weeks ago and last week, my friend Daniel Goldberg had to dangle a few gorgeous pieces of his creations under the Australian label Glomesh over Skype to me. Dang, Goldberg! For all our differences, we find peace with each other through our take on bags (and all things classy)

This week, Goldberg has gone global with the launch of his website as he unveiled the first in a series of metal mesh bags that the brand is best known for since it…