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Of Potions, Lotions and Creams

AS I'm typing out this post, I'm drenched in a luxurious concoction of premium east-african shea butter, rosehip oil and glycerin, scented with drops of ylang ylang and lavender essential oils. My skin is gleaming, reflecting the light from the window, and the scent, oh so intoxicating. The potion is soft and stable at room temperature but melts like butter on a hot bun when it hits the skin. I smell like the sweet offerings for the god of the skies, maybe also like an ancient temple or an Indian bride on her wedding night. Whatever, I smell awesome right now. Ylang ylang, on its own puts me off but with lavender, it's mild and mysterious. It's been deeply satisfying making my own lotions, creams and balms.

Last night, I attempted a whipped body and hair cream. Unrefined shea and organic cocoa butters as the base with a teaspoon of glycerin, rosehip and coconut oils, bound by the humble rosemary and lavender essential oils. I had so much fun melting, mixing and beating …