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Storms and Panty-Lining Dust

THESE flat, concrete roofs are cool considering the howling northerly wind at 50km/h that's going on right now. No flying roof tiles or any such threats. I actually feel safe. 
We're currently in the midst of a dust storm since Friday. The weather report projects that the storm will last till Wednesday. While it's not uncommon to have dust storms here, I've never experienced a case of constant strong winds that last for days before in my life. Given the landscape, the wind brings with it tiny sand particles that layer as dust in our homes. No matter how shut you think your house is, the dust has a way to get in and line your panties (figuratively speaking that is!). The particles are that fine, as fine as how your best loose powder should be. 
My cable TV has been gone since Saturday and the Internet is trippy. Outside, well, it's dusty, sandy and windy. Imagine standing next to a helicopter with its blades still running. Sometimes the wind is that intense. It makes …