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The Mystic Eyes Necklace

SHE isn't too bad in Cougar Town but I think Courtney Cox was better off in Friends. Perhaps her acting isn't convincing in the former. That aside, I still watch the show for her + the lovely dresses and accesories she wears in every episode. Her co-star, Busy Philipps also has some nice pieces of jewellery to show off in some episodes. In fact, I was inspired by something she wore in the thanksgiving episode (season 1) that led me to my next jewellery project ! 

Months ago, my colleague Fazleena, gave me a pair of earrings(pic, right) that she had picked up during a trip to India. Black, oval stones cast in dark metal, it's a pretty pair. There's an antique and ethnic feel to it. I loved looking at it, but somehow never saw it as earrings. To me, they were too pretty to be buried beneath long, loose hair (not that I have much hair now).I also felt that the ovals would look bolder as pendants - like a third, mystical eye on the chest, given its shape. Months later,…

Hair Matters

You NEVER learn your lesson!
I've heard the key people in my life say that to me countless times, and heck, I've even said it to the girl in the mirror after each HAIR SCREW-UP. That's right. I seem to have a talent in screwing-up my hair just when it is at its best, and each time it happens, I cuss, groan and fall into depression till a hopeful dawn of another new hair season. Then, I vow to keep it good and nice. But good is boring, isn't it? So I go again in a roller-coaster ride of chemical treatments that alter the hair-structure, turning hair into hay (or to that effect). If it's not the nasty treatments, it's usually a serie of fancy haircuts that end up in a disaster. The last call is usually a short cut to rid of all bad hair. 

Recently, I managed to get myself into such a situation. Hair was fine. Nice with natural waves till I got it straightened by an irresponsible stylist. To top it all, he had also cut it unevenly. I tell ya, I couldn't have lo…

You know You Could Die of Mercury Poisoning

A Happy New Year to all!
It's been a while since I wrote here, but that's only because I've been lazy on a 3-week holiday and when that was up, getting back to work needed some re-adjusting. My life seems to take the same pattern again, and that means I should continue with my postings.

At work, the year kicked off with lots of food, followed by a product launch at a slimming centre. It defeats science, really. Years of stubborn fats and spare tyres easily 'melted' away by a machine that works through sound waves. One month is all it takes to get into shape. Women who run these machines can't string a proper sentence in English or Malay to explain the product, procedures or its side effects, yet there are hundreds who strip at their strange hands and technology to make way for slim-dom. Despite whatever Oprah says, being skinny or at least slim still seems to be the way to go. I've never realized just how many take the easy way out via slimming centres. Mos…