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Of Tampons, Hair Colour and the Unknown

I was trapped in another horrid dream this morning. It had something to do with my brother, suicidal thoughts and fear of death (of a loved one) all at the same time. Very disturbing. Then I woke up to a message from a panicking friend. Apparently, her tampon in use had gone 'missing'. After an exchange of messages, she took off to the hospital. The doctor's only advice after inspecting her was to check the bed, bedside and bathroom for any signs of it. Surely an used tampon wouldn't be lying discreet on the bed, I told her. It probably got flushed down the toilet during one of those dozy midnight bathroom breaks. Not speaking from experience but oddly enough, I just happened to have a few tales of tampon/ sanitary pad mishap, firsthand from people I know. 

Lately, I've been itching to colour my hair. Two years ago, I told myself that I'd do everything in my power to stay away from any chemical treatment that may cause dry hair or for it to lose its sheen. Also,…