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An Award on Oscar Day

THANKS for the Kreativ Blogger award on Oscar Day, Queen Bee. It is sweet to pin a badge like this here and since this is my first award, it's all the more sweet.  With this, I'm required to list out ten random things about myself and later tag six other favourite bloggers. Let's start with the 10 Random Things :) 

1) Diamonds are not for me. I admire jewelry (fine or otherwise) but I'm not in love with them enough to want to own them. My favourite jewelry is a pair of white pearl stud earrings. 

2) I drink water for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. It's just a good habit I can't break. I usually write with a bottle of water next to me instead of a mug of coffee. 

3) I love balms. Nothing calms me better than a nice balm. It reminds me of my grandma, clears my mind, and puts me to sleep. 

4) I keep a hammer in my bedroom. It came in handy TWICE when the lock jammed. I broke it and set me free. My mother was petrified with the knowledge that my lock had jammed TWIC…

One True Love

YOU know how certain perfumes just don't work for some people no matter what the rave reviews are? A fine example is  the iconic Chanel No. 5, which basically smells like baby powder on me. Then there was a Michael Kors that made me smell like I'd just emerged from an Indian temple - over-powering with tactless musky jasmine notes. Oh, and a Cartier that on its own smelled like my grandmother's spice shelf. So over the years, I've pretty much kept to the same perfumes that I'm comfortable with. Kenzo Flower was a favourite once. Took me a few bottles and some years to realise that it wasn't exactly me. Then came along Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise before I moved on to an Issey Miyaki I adored. In the recent years, I've fallen in love with Burberry Weekend - a scent that may have appeared a little too strong but it has worked for me as it made me feel like I was on an Arabian Desert Safari apart from somewhat reminding of Annick Goutal's Le Jasmin.


V-Night Out

"I swear to god that guy who just passed by us thinks we are having sex tonight. Did you see the way he looked at us?," said Mich to me. Incidently, I was touching her hair somewhere at this point. 

Mich and I were having dinner at the Mezze Bistro yesterday during one of world's most commercially celebrated occasion when flowers are sold at ridiculously exorbitant prices and restaurant's try to squeeze in as many oysters into their Valentine's Day menu in the name of love. Lucky for us, Mich and I are not fans of oysters. The fresh ones particularly remind me of a vagina - wet, raw and slimy. I guess I'm not cut out for that as I'm really just a Jarrod and Rawlins kinda girl at heart. Mich too but that never stopped the attention we get whenever we're out together.

Driving was crazy last evening especially at hot spots like Bangsar, Damansara Heights and Medan Damansara where we were headed to. Bumper to bumper crawl all the way from my Section 16 offi…

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

YET another star has fallen off the sky with the death of pop princess Whitney Houston yesterday. I may not be a die-hard fan of Houston but she did once possess a soul-touching, sky-scraping voice that made your entire being stand in attention. Any one who's lived through the 80s and 90s would know of this songbird who'd touched the world with hits like I Will Always Love You, How Will I Know and I Wanna Dance With Somebody (that smile and confident glint in her eyes when she did it is just amazing). Houston was adored for that gift of voice and she will forever be remembered for that. 

I suppose it's important not to lose that voice inside of us. Losing that inner voice could mean the beginning of our downfall. A little crack allows for a lot of crap to creep in. Houston isn't the first and she's won't be the last. When Amy Winehouse died last year, many voted Houston to be the next in line in a poll (another popular choice was Linsay Lohan) just because it wa…

Chuck Me :)

MICH and I spent the whole of last afternoon in silence, watching Chuck. Not that we had fought or anything but we were just paying some serious attention to our idea of god's gift to women in action. And then, she broke the silence.

"You think we can be good spies together ?," Mich asked.

"Maybe. But we'd still need Chuck. We don't have the Intersect," I replied. We don't know Kung Fu. Neither can we Flash like Chuck nor Zoom like Morgan. 

"Hmm, true. We need Chuck," she agreed. We watched two more episodes after that in silence and sudden laughter.

Like his million or so other fans, I love Chuck Barstowki. We love Chuck. He's the new James Bond in the spy world. A geek you can't help falling in love with. And he can make you wanna work in a place like Buy More, which is probably equivalent to the electronics and home appliances section of a Harvey Norman store. We're now in the middle of the show's final season and, Mich a…

Looking Young

This post is a result of a writing prompt by Mama Kat's.
Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are

Why, you ask ? I still have the same smile and cheeks, only with more hair for eye-brows and more bum to fill up most part of that seat. I still gravitate towards light with willing, wide eyes just like how I did to the camera flash in this case. For those who see me, they probably view me as this person because I still get stopped at bars and sometimes even at movies for those above 18. I get ignored or dismissed as just a 'young person' in many context because cute and adorable probably don't reflect what you're actually made of. But I'll have the last laugh because I know what I'm capable of while I watch you wrinkle-up and age into a dinosaur.  
Ps. Well, really. I'm just upset because I realise that this is how the soceity views the young mind here and it's about time that they start treating them with the re…