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Thanks, Uncle Chua

SOMETIMES in life you meet people you can't find faults with. They're not perfect but in their own ways, they're just very nice souls who don't bitch or bite, or show any vibe of negativity towards others around them. I was fortunate to have known a person like that in Chua Kok Hwa, a press photographer and friend who passed on Oct 10. 

Chua was 20 years my senior. He was one of two photographers assigned to Metro section of The Star when I first joined the company. I guess that made Chua a lot more special to us in Metro as we got to know him better. A man of few words but those few words were always witty, sound and sincere. He also came with a ready smile. 

As a young reporter, working with Chua was fun, easy and educational as he understood our stories and styles well and translated them into pictures that spoke just more than a thousand words. Those who've worked with him closely would also know that he had no excuses for demands and requests from writers and so…

That Pink Piece

EVERY person who has ever looked at it must have seen it as nothing more than an expensive piece of a loud costume. The kind that has been oddly placed at a clothing department for the rich and boring. The kind you'd pick out just to kill time at the fitting room but never buy. The kind that you'd not purchase even if it is on a 70% discount.

I suppose I never saw it that way. After almost 15 months of openly lusting over it during my numerous mall visits, I was ecstatic when it finally went on sale mid last year. Seventy percent off and no one had gone for it. It sat exactly where it had been over the months amidst the sale-induced chaos. Surely it was meant for me then, that pink piece.

Some say it's obscenely pink. Too pink, or magenta or fushcia. Well, it is pink with black lace contrasting at the hem, neckline and shoulders. The dress sure has a quirky appeal. A matching black, satin sash at the waistline and it even has a little train like the garish pink and black com…