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From Paris, With Love: Meeting the Scotts

A French friend of mine once told me that I had an old soul beneath the young countenance. Rejean Fontaine, whom I had met at a birthday party several years ago, said he saw it in my eyes, hence I attracted older people. Trust that pick-up line from a charming French man but when I look back today, Rejean was probably right. Most of my friends (Rejean included) are older people, if not senior citizens, and I love them all. I'm particularly fond of senior citizens -there is something about them that's endearing. I love listening to them, to their stories of the past and present, even if they forget and repeat them a few times over.

So befrending the Scotts during the second day of our holiday in Paris was a pleasure indeed. My husband and I bumped into the elderly Welsh couple while on a L' Open Tour bus (hop-on hop-off), which took us to the North of the city. Angela and Alistair had been on the Orient Express from London earlier, and they were spending three days in Paris.…