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V Day News

THANK you for the well wishes! I'm doing pretty good and having a speedy recovery. Hope I haven't spoken too soon but for someone with shingles, I've very little blisters. Still have all those random shooting pains in the head, and weird phenomenon like my arm feeling icy cool sensations still exists but it's a big relief to be moving around and doing stuff. Not too bad. 

Just woke up to news alerts on a woman shot dead at South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius'(right) home. Media speculations suggest that the arrested 26-year-old is Pistorius and the woman in question was his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Now this peels my attention away from the rogue Los Angeles Police Department  ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner (He has my sympathies in some ways though). Currently perched in front of the TV watching CNN, I can't imagine what led to this awful news alert but to speculate like the rest of the world, although by speculating, I'm allowing myself some imaginat…

So That's That

THIS time when I told the front desk lady at the hospital that I was suspecting chicken pox, she was really surprised. Not sure why. ButI wasn't going to take any chances with the few blisters which had magically popped up around my neck. 

Dr. R was nice. Checked me throughly and concluded that it was shingles (it's from the same virus that causes chicken pox) and further confirmed it when I told him about the one-sided neck ache. He put me on anti-viral Acyclovir which I've to take five times a day for six days, together with some tablets for itchiness and pain. PAIN. He kept stressing it though. Which got me really worried. 
"You can take this for the pain. It should be okay but if you can't stand the pain then you go on this,".
I smiled a nervous smile. Shingles, one of my greatest fears, is here. I've read and heard about it. It's far worse than chicken pox on the pain scale. 
"How much pain can I expect, doctor? It sounds like a lot of pain"…

A Prominent Fever

"HOWprominent is your fever?"

Seriously? Prominent? Can't you see that I'm prominently dying here. Idiot
"I don't know. Why don't you check." 
My temperature read 38.1 degrees. Every joint in my body ached as if there were little men with tiny hammers, going about hammering on my bones unrhythmically. The left side of head and face hurt especially more and the ears felt pressured. My eye balls were individually hurting in their sockets. With great effort, I rolled my eyes away from the doctor who didn't quite know what she was dealing with and eyed the husband with a sense of irritation. What the hell is she doing ??? Urrrgggghhhh.
"How long have you been feeling this way?"
Didn't I just tell you like a second ago? Talking hurts my entire E.N.T network!
"Three days. The left side pain has been intense and I've been on Advil the whole time". By then, I think I'd told her about the pain three times already but she seemed…

A Graceful Surrender - Not!

I GUESS you can't really tell how you'd deal with skin ageing until you're living it...which momentarily brings me back to a conversation I had with Martin a few years ago. 

"What would you do when your glory days are over?" Martin asked. 
He had just laid out my possible initial reactions to future dealings with skin ageing with the focal point being my spotless, velvet-smooth face. Our conversations usually have random pit stops like that. If I could graph them by topic and time, you'd see a rather erratic pattern, much like the current USD/JPY Forex charts. 

"You know what I think, Martin? Youth is temporary and when it's time to let go of this perfect skin, I'd surrender gracefully," I said with a saint's conviction, not doubting one second that it'd only take a wrinkle to break a saint. I mean who has a dry T-Zone ? Most google searches would only give you useful references on oily T-Zones anyway. 

Now that the halo is off and letti…