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Life Goes On

This is a post from a year and half ago. Was feeling a little down over the death of our double heart transplant girl yesterday. 

DURING work at the University Hospital last week, I took a moment at the mortuary. In the lobby stood a lady concealed in an over-sized dark glasses with arms folded across her chest solemnly. Another group of people had just arrived, making their way hurriedly pass the glass door to the reception area. Now I didn't know their stories and their sorrows weren't mine but my heart went out to them. Said a silent prayer for the living and I exited the area not knowing that in a couple of days I'd be rushing through that glass door myself. 

Just less than a year ago, a lady friend of mine had lost her son due to hospital negligence. At 51, she's buried her parents and a 29-year-old son. Burying anyone is not easy but to bury one's own child? That's like against the very order of nature. I guess…

Cute As Buttons

NOW that my hair is considerably long by my standard, the styling options are endless. I'm delighted that I could, for the first time in my life, braid my hair! French, Dutch, Fishtail, Waterfall, Five-Strand braids. You name it, I learn them all on YouTube and practice on my life-size Barbie, Mek Zhin. Additionally, hair accessories like bands, hair vines and fancy pins are also catching my fancy. On the flip side, some of these things can be so dear given the materials used and its workmanship. For an example, a simple hair vine at Evita Peroni costs something like USD 170. Ridiculous. Some pearls and beads woven through wires. How difficult can that get? So I decided to take matters into my own hands! 

I had some fresh-water pearls and some shiny, black bicones. I wish I also had some diamantees to spice it up a little but the black and white combo is quite classy on its own. Using a long strand of clear nylon string, folded into two, I put in the pearls. The challenge was in ke…

Chicken Soup For The Soul

AFTER about 10 years in the company, I have resigned! It feels strangely liberating and I never knew a resignation could present me with this incredible sense of freedom. Suddenly, I'm faced with choices. It's like ending a long relationship, not a long, bitter one but just one that has lost its sparks. The last time I left a company, I didn't resign. I fired myself instead. That, my friends, felt sooo good it was like releasing myself from an abusive relationship. I was jobless, penniless and almost homeless after that but boy, walking out of that office did feel like I'd grown magical wings. 

But life can't be bad all the time. Four months later, I joined the paper, slipping into my dream job. Then on, life has been a roller coaster ride of a million experiences I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world. Work was work but more than work itself, all I ever wanted was the opportunity to find myself through the job as securing a position at the top of the c…

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I'VE always been fond of oils. The good kind that doesn't settle in your underarms and abdominal area to create that jiggle factor of course! When I was a kid, my mom used to douse me, body and face, in Johnson's Baby Oil. I went to school with Johnson's on my skin, and I continued using it into my early 20s. For those who're wondering...No. It didn't leave my face oily because I usually had a thin layer of talcum over it. 

Culpeper replaced Johnson's when I started working. I got a big bottle of Jojoba Oil as the base, which I mixed with drops of Rose Geranium and Lavendar oils, batch by batch. Sometimes I also added my treasured Rose Oil. So I went to bed each night with this mix on my skin and my friends were like 'I can't believe you intentionally slather oil onto your face!'. 

But I do because oil on skin is soothing + I love the mosturised feel it gives my skin in the mornings. Meandering through the skincare section of a mall last year, I c…