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Watching Watches

YESTERDAY I had the chance to meet one of country's most influential businessmen in a session where he spoke about his love for time pieces, his personal collection and his take on life. It was a timely meeting for the fifth edition of the Journey Through Time exhibition which would be held at the Starhill Gallery from Dec 1 to 10, where collectors from all over the world would fly in their private jets to pick out their Christmas gifts. So there I was in a high-end watch gallery, surrounded by time-pieces, each worth more than my annual salary. Brands that I've heard of and those that I have not. I love watches but you wouldn't catch me hanging in a Patek Philippe show room or stopping to check the price tag on a Vacheron Constantin simply because they're not on my league :)

But perhaps, after the eye-opening meeting with The Businessman I would, well, at least start educating myself more on watches and clocks. After all, I grew up with clocks ticking around me and wat…

Honey Passion

I've always loved honey but I'm kind of obsessed with it these days. The 'nectar of gods' as it says on a bottle of Malaysia's Wild Honey from the deep jungles of Kuantan, Pahang was recently given to me by the man who markets it. It's been just weeks, but the content is already measuring very low in the ML scale. I should go get a new one soon. The thing about wild honey is that the flavour varies from season to season, depending on what plant is flowering during a season. So if you like the flavour of a particular season, you better grab a few bottles of it while stock lasts. Honey harvested during a rainy season may not hold strong in the flavour department too. Well, that was what the honey man told me. My current obsession with Simple Sugar is probably also psychological but I find going to bed after a glass of warm honey gets me to sleep like a baby. I also look forward to drinking it in the mornings. But the morning recipe is a refreshing one with passio…

God Bless Her With A Jackpot

SO I went to this press conference where a local councillor had wanted to announce a good work he has done for a group of people. Politics play I know but who cares. I'm not into politics and I can never be, although it's an interesting ball game to catch. So I turned up at this meeting on time, and waiting before me were a few press members from a couple of chinese dailies. They usually don't talk to non chinese-speaking media members, and frankly, even if I start a conversation with them, it's not like I can expect much from it. Some talk but there are those who would go with hand gestures and cute facial expressions or a one or two-word answers. They usually stick together, and sometimes probably talk about me but I know not Mandarin to figure it out. If they do speak to me with questions, it would be along the lines of my face like...

...why your eyelash soo long one ah?
Because my mama made me drink lash tonic first thing in the morning for the first seven years of …

My Superhero

FOR some reason, I was thinking of my childhood sports hero today. She was more like a superhero really, but well, that doesn't matter. 

I was nine during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and was glued to the TV, watching the games, and the very first time I saw her on the track, I was taken up by the super-human appeal. As a child, it was one thing to see someone run that fast but I was also smitten by her sense of track costumes, hair, nail and make-up. Very flashy, 80s and the world was tuned to her. Much like an American superhero. She touched the finishing line with a victor's smile. I felt all that energy bursting through that little TV that hung in our bedroom. It was over-powering and instantly began my adoration for American athlete Florence Griffith-Joyner or famously known as FloJo. 

If you remember her (although I believe if you had seen her, you'd never forget her), FloJowas the fastest woman of all time. She won three gold medals at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in S…
The Old Tree

 I am telling you the Old Tree across the street has got eyes, a pointy nose and lots of hair. It seems so real that it may quietly come to life when you're not looking. Close your windows, My love, before you go to bed. I don't want the Old Tree peeking at you while you're fast asleep on your naked ass. Or I'll come over  and chop that tree down
for Firewood.
But I won't worry much
for there is a younger and beautiful tree in your own lawn
and the Old Tree
might just decide to stick to its kind.
Even then,
close your windows, My Love.
You might just a catch a cold
and have a headache for the rest of the day.