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The Old Tree

 I am telling you
the Old Tree across the street
has got eyes, a pointy nose and lots of hair.
It seems so real
that it may quietly come to life
when you're not looking.
Close your windows, My love,
before you go to bed.
I don't want the Old Tree peeking at you
while you're fast asleep on your naked ass.
Or I'll come over 
and chop that tree down
for Firewood.
But I won't worry much
for there is a younger and beautiful tree in your own lawn
and the Old Tree
might just decide to stick to its kind.
Even then,
close your windows, My Love.
You might just a catch a cold
and have a headache for the rest of the day.


  1. A cute poem...
    "Close your windows, My love, before you go to bed. I don't want the Old Tree peeking at you while you're fast asleep on your naked ass."

    Liked these lines the best.

  2. Maybe it needs a good pruning to stop it being so nosy. Then all you'd have to worry about is getting a rash on your butt...

  3. Maybe the watcher is on LSD. :P

  4. It’s a risk to ever assume trees (etc.) will stick to their own kind – best to keep that window closed – but even doing so is no guarantee of safety/privacy...

  5. Thanks for stopping by The Chubby Chatterbox. I appreciate your comments. You have a great blog and I'm enjoying exploring it. I'll check back from time to time. As for your poem--I think the Old Tree just might be more than a tree....

  6. bride : i like that one too :p

    GB: perhaps it does... :p

    MP: dirty old indeed :)

    Interwebs : lol. yes LSD makes things come to live.

    Beth : prevention is always good :)

    Stephen : thank you! you have great one too.
    trees are always more than just trees, aren't they ?

  7. Really cute and sweet Jaya.


  8. I like this poem. (:

  9. I wouldn't want some perverted tree staring at my baby's sweet ass either.

  10. I like trees, but not enough to have them develop eyes. that's creepy

  11. Very well written, I enjoyed this!

  12. this reminds me of an old tree that's in front of my house

  13. I love your blog layout and post...makes me want to go outside and be with it's past, shweew. Close one. Really cool blog, followed.

  14. Lola : thanks :p

    2 Pesos : i like it too :)

    Elliot : its creepy isn't it.

    Nursie : some trees look like they do :p

    JDC and Mike : Thank you. and Thanks for visiting :P

    Tony : there is always some tree that is creepy :) thanks for visiting

    Otter : thank you, and I like yours too. Keep it up, and followed!

  15. nice poem my friend , i enjoyed this. +follow

    2Peeeps Health and Fitness


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