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Why ?

WOULD anyone know why is it that I am unable to post comments on this and other blogs ? Everytime I write a comment and click on the post button, I get automatically logged off to the Blogger log on page. Why is that ? It's so annoying. I thought that it only happened if I logged on from the desktops but I also could not leave comments via my i-Phone since this morning.

Has it ever happened to anyone else ? Please advise.

The Salted Fish Pickle

LAST night I started pickle-loading again. Apparently it's a bad habit to stick a spoon into a pickle jar and eat it as if it was crunchy peanut butter spoon after spoon. My dad would be terribly upset and my mother would keep me in her prayers if they found out about this relapse (I had stopped this habit for a coupla months). They say too much of it is unkind to the tummy but what can I say. I love my dad's salted fish pickle so much I salivate by just thinking about it. Tried putting the jars away in the high cabinets but when I'm jerked awake by nightmares in the early mornings, nothing calms me better than the pleasant zing of vinegar and familiar mix of spices in a sweet, sour and spicy curry of salted fish chunks. A dose of that and the nasty gargoyles that had chased me or the sea that had threatened to swallow me fades into a quicksand of amnesia, and I return to sleep, feeling safe again.

The thing is however, before I discovered and tasted my first salted fish p…

My Bubble

THIS is something that came out of my classes with Alina Rastam some years ago. It was during a time when I needed some healthy distractions from my what I was doing at that point. Needed to look at life from a different side, so from the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, I ended up in Alina's small, group classes at her quiet home in Bangsar. I loved it.
My bubble my world travels beyond the skies where air is slippery and things move dreamily like molasses sliding down a glass.
My bubble my freedom not a trapped butterfly in a jar or a domestic parekeet in the wild it's like dolphins in the deep sea that swim and swirl and whirl without boundaries or worries to see.
My bubble my featherbed is a carbonation of comfort an oxidation of pleasure of playful secrets and fantasies of earnest hopes and dreams of love, joy and peace.
My bubble my element sphere and familiar never stale with routine or sick with doing nothing free and easy, hot and cold like a balloon over a mapped Earth.
Love my B…

Itchy and Ticklish

MY left palm is itchy. I'm trying to focus on writing just so I can ignore the desperate urge to scratch the spot between the index finger and thumb. But it's impossible to ignore - like having a cup cake and not eat it. So I bring my right index, middle and ring fingers to relieve the itchy tension but when I do that, it's ticklish. I dont't know if I should laugh or cry! They say an itchy left palm means having to spend more money. Money comes in if it's the right palm that's itching. If your sole is itchy, you are meant for some serious travelling.

Whenever my eye twitched, Grandma told me that I was going to meet someone, and when I was young I actually looked forward to meeting this someone whom I always presumed was a boy. Unfortunately, no boys knocked on the front door over weekends and Johnny Depp never popped out of the idiot box. 

Sneezing means someone is thinking of you. But logic says you're probably just catching the bug of the season. Still, …

Help Nab The Brain-Damaged

WHAT kind of an asshole who would go around splashing acid on random women ? Must be a psychotic idiot who has had a bad childhood or relationship with his female kind. Or he must  just simply be that brain-damaged for all we know. For the rest of us in the city, it's like living with the fear of Jack-The-Ripper around. Since March, he has traumatised 21 women with the latest victim on May 13 in Wangsa Maju. What's worst is that a mother and her one-year old who were standing in their house compound were also hurt on May 7.

Whatever it is, I'm really disturbed by it. I am worried for every random person, my friends, family and myself. Imagine both the physical and mental trauma that the victims have faced, and the traumatic phase that is before them due to the act of one selfish man who thinks that the world owes him something. The police has recently released a photofit of the man believed to be in his 30s, and rides on a motorbike that has a false registration number not…

Running with Brooks

IT'S been a long, tiring month. Getting back to work with an unbearable sinusitis facial pains that had intensified over the weeks had kept me away from here. But thanks to the new doctor I'm seeing, the past few days have been better. Well, apart from being an eye candy (he gets me nervous with his Mona Lisa smile), he is one who listens before prescribing meds that go with my needs and lifestyle. Not the usual horrible anti-histamines, antibiotics and nasal sprays that come with tenacious side-effects my other doctors had been giving me the last couple of years!
With that new hope, I've just joined a running club - Brooks Running Club in Ipoh. So yes, naturally every member is a Brooks believer. I was first introduced to the line of shoes by my Uncle Nat, who is also a club member. Nat's been running with Brooks for many years now. Back then, I couldn't fathom the idea of wearing such ugly designs and colours. Mind you, Brooks women's range has some of …