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Never Mess With 'Fat' People

A recent article by a Malaysian newspaper has created a furore with Malaysian readers of all sizes and shapes. The article which was executed in a kamikaze attack style targeting at 'fat' people obviously had no respect for differences, body types and shapes that represent the human species. What was the writer thinking? Or how did it even get through to the print?  

In her story, the writer blatantly condemned all kinds of fat with descriptions varying from meaty and chubby to whale-like and 'elephantine' while attributing nasty, negative personality traits to them. For me, these observations are shallow and baseless. People are 'fat' for many reasons: cultural, hormonal, lifestyle, genetic influences, etc. If you don't know what or why, it's best not to make blatant comments on someone whom you think is over-sized because for me a 'fat' person is someone with a dangerously high body fat percentage. You can be skinny and still have a high body f…