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The City's Soul

GONG Xi Fatt Choy. Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends. The nation is taking a break during this season and it's so weird to see the major roads in the city almost void of cars - I mean I could do a salsa routine in the middle of Jalan Tun Razak without the fear of a freak accident in mind. While I dislike the usual city traffic, a city is not quite a city without the hustle and bustle - traffic makes a city as much as I hate to say it. After today, people are going to take their positions back into the city's tall apartments and office towers, and just like that, we have Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya running like usual again. This happens during all major festivities like Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid), Deepavali (Hindu festival) and Christmas. 
For someone who works through these celebrations (except Christmas and New Year), I do enjoy driving around a bit. It's a breeze to work and forth, a testing ground to see what my old car is capable of in speed terms and …

A Game of Survivor

I'M kinda upset. I mean I am upset cuz my brother is depressed over something he's going through right now. I can't do much to help as the system he's in is one that is full of shit and the kind of people who are in it are a bunch of cruel sons of bitches.

Today I was at an event where they celebrated and honoured the works of a great teacher Datuk Seri Selvamany via a biography of the man. It was a long and draggy event where they observed necessarry protocols as the important guest was the Perak Sultan (state of Perak royalty), and perhaps in the process, they might have forgotten about media management, resulting in passively cranky journalists who received not the information that they came for. 

Sitting through the event, I couldn't ignore one thing - how the old boys and girls adore their Sir, and clearly, the respect they have for him is heartfelt and sincere. To still earn that much of admiration and acknowledgment from his students after all these years, Sel…

Revisiting Penang

HAPPY New Year y'all ! Hope you've had a blast and let's hope for a better year. It's really been a long holiday for me and sadly it's coming to an end today as I get back to work on Sunday. Loved it although I think I need another short break to recover from it. The past three weeks had been a juggle between managing family members and finding precious pockets of time to recover from all that social and family interactions. In between all that, Aloy and I managed to seize some time, two nights and three days actually, to re-visit Penang. The road trip took us to Ipoh first for two days where my dad fed us with Indian curries and yummy Ipoh hawker food before we got back onto the North-South Highway to Penang. I've always liked driving up north for its endless green hills sprouted like brocolli heads in the vicinity. Really scenic especially when the sky is clear and blue. 

Penang - the rustic island located on the northwest coast of the Peninsular is a lovely p…