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See you on Facebook

"DO not add my mother on your Facebook okay. If she adds you, just pretend like you didn't get any request from her, unless of course if you want her to post embarassing replies to your statuses. I think I need to create a whole new profile just for her and my aunts," said Mich.

"Oh babe, I just taught your mom how to poke you," I replied, laughing. I get Mich's point - I also wouldn't want my mother on my FB, checking on stuff I'd only want my friends and acquaitances to have access to. What's more with an older friend confessing to me last week of 'stalking' her daughter on FB. Freaky, isn't it. You must have seen the look on her face when she had said it. 

Thirty minutes earlier, while Mich was sleeping upstairs, I was in the kitchen, playing with Daisy (the much-loved golden retriever) and talking to Aunty Lian, Mich's mom. The 70++ retired English teacher was animatedly telling me about her newly set-up FB account, and how s…

An Index-Finger-And-Thumb Pinch

I'M on a diet and feeling like a hungry vamp-on-the-prowl every now and then before I feed on more raw or cooked vegetables at this point, which is actually Day 2. But it's not too bad - I discovered that I like my greens more than I thought I did. Day 1 was to hell and back since I lived on fruits alone! There must be something in fruits that bring out the primal instincts in me. Or how else do I explain this raging urge to drag the asshole who cuts queue during prime time traffic and seal him in a narrow well, or to practice my uppercuts on the neighbour who keeps his bulky trash on my doorstep? Thinking straight is also a challenge with only fruits, I tell ya. I found it testing to write a straight-forward event piece yesterday after my lunch, which was a platter of dragon fruits, melons and pink guavas.

The fruits drove me nuts, but I'll still keep up with it. The General Motor Diet is actually quite doable when you think about it. This is how it goes:

Day 1
Fruits, all…

A Cranky Old Man

SO I am hopeless at handling automobiles according to my dad. He had secretly confirmed it long ago but when I came home driving with a smoked up bonnet on July 1, finally he said it to my face.

"Buying a new car is not going to solve it if you slacked in caring for it.
"With you, it'll just be a matter of months till the new one also ends up like this.
"Look at mine - it's more than 30 years old but it's as good as new because I've cared for it," said dad, looking helplessly at my Suzuki Vitara 4x4, which was parked outside the gate.

With the bonnet propped up, the smoke went up higher in heavy grey swirls and the smell of a possibly barbequed gasket was over-powering. It took about 12 hours for the smoke to subside but the smell lingered on. The only saving grace was that the engine still roared a mean roar when I started it. My mother was quite hysterical when I arrived from Kuala Lumpur that day.

"What, are you crazy to drive along when you kn…