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An Index-Finger-And-Thumb Pinch

I'M on a diet and feeling like a hungry vamp-on-the-prowl every now and then before I feed on more raw or cooked vegetables at this point, which is actually Day 2. But it's not too bad - I discovered that I like my greens more than I thought I did. Day 1 was to hell and back since I lived on fruits alone! There must be something in fruits that bring out the primal instincts in me. Or how else do I explain this raging urge to drag the asshole who cuts queue during prime time traffic and seal him in a narrow well, or to practice my uppercuts on the neighbour who keeps his bulky trash on my doorstep? Thinking straight is also a challenge with only fruits, I tell ya. I found it testing to write a straight-forward event piece yesterday after my lunch, which was a platter of dragon fruits, melons and pink guavas.

The fruits drove me nuts, but I'll still keep up with it. The General Motor Diet is actually quite doable when you think about it. This is how it goes:

Day 1
Fruits, all kind except bananas.

Day 2
Veges, all kinds. Cooked or raw.

Day 3
Veges and fruits. All kinds.

Day 4
Bananas and milk ( I take milk substitute). This goes with a special soup, which can be consumed on all days. Basically, it's a vegetable soup.

Day 5
Feast with beef :) My favourite day. Also must somehow eat 6 tomatoes.

Day 6
Still with beef, with veges.

Day 7
Brown rice, veges and fruit juices.

During the period, no alcohol is allowed and you're encouraged to drink plenty of water. Coffee and tea, without milk and sugar is fine. Of course, there are some bad and good reviews about this diet but I think it's alright. It's not a harsh plan that restricts you to one group of food for too long, and it doesn't actually keep your body in a deprived mode. If I have learnt anything from it, it must be the fact that I cook more often at home these days, instead of taking the easy way out with greasy take-aways. I'm also eating more vegetables than before, and I suppose that can't be bad. By the end of the week, I felt good and even missed being in the whole process. A friend who was on it had lost 3KGs in a week, but I didn't loose much on the scale, although I did loose inches. But importantly, I felt more energetic.

A few months back, another friend was on a diet that had her eat fruits for a full week. All fruits except bananas, mangoes and durians, and she also went on colon-cleansing twice a day during the period. Persistance and the will power to resist Sambal Belacan and Sambal Ikan, and alcohol for a full week paid off, and in the end, she had lost 4KGs. Her skin looked great, and she was more energetic. So I was excited about it but when I gave it a serious thought, I knew I'd be unable to handle the bird-food diet for a week cuz I will act on my mad urges, and go on to break my neighbour's neck.

This time around, a colleague is with me :p
Sharmila had seen me munching on carrots and tomatoes the last time I did it, and vowed that she'd do it with me the next time. So she's on it now although she had forgotten that she was on a diet on Day 1. So her Day 1 started on my Day 2, which ended with 'a glass or two of alcoholic beverages'. Her text message to me read : Babe, I had alcohol. Cheat a bit can la ;)

Sharmila and I
What can I say. I had a pinch of something that was referred to as a 'vegetarian carrot cake' that had arrived from a meditation centre. Just a pinch.
An index-finger-and-thumb pinch :)


  1. Your irritability might be caused by the reduced protein intake affecting your serotonin levels. Maybe you need to compliment the fruit with a few juicy insects!

  2. Yikesss GB! My momma tells me I used to pick on bugs when I was a crawling toddler. Unfortunately, I don't find them appetizing anymore :)

  3. Alejandro13 July, 2011

    why o why is da great peanut butter is missing from this diet ? :))

  4. Oh Alejandro! I'm allergic to da great peanut butter :) So how ?

  5. Anonymous14 July, 2011

    I love it when you post photos of yourself. You have the cutest pixie haircut

  6. wow jaya, i love that picture of you. you are so pretty!

    i think it's about time i considered doing a detox diet too. it's been years and years...thirty-two, to be exact ;)

  7. Hello Kage ! Thank you :)

    It's good to detox- leaves you feeling light n refreshed. 32? And so am I !

  8. Babe diets do not work!!!! And they are unhealthy!! And besides all that....u don't need to diet unless you want to completely disappear!!!!

    Just eat healthy and exercise babe...seriously!!

  9. Hey babe! I'm just detoxing :) I do eat well and exercise tonnes.

  10. Your skin already looks great.


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