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Honey Passion

I've always loved honey but I'm kind of obsessed with it these days. The 'nectar of gods' as it says on a bottle of Malaysia's Wild Honey from the deep jungles of Kuantan, Pahang was recently given to me by the man who markets it. It's been just weeks, but the content is already measuring very low in the ML scale. I should go get a new one soon. The thing about wild honey is that the flavour varies from season to season, depending on what plant is flowering during a season. So if you like the flavour of a particular season, you better grab a few bottles of it while stock lasts. Honey harvested during a rainy season may not hold strong in the flavour department too. Well, that was what the honey man told me. My current obsession with Simple Sugar is probably also psychological but I find going to bed after a glass of warm honey gets me to sleep like a baby. I also look forward to drinking it in the mornings. But the morning recipe is a refreshing one with passion fruits in it. Love it like the morning sun !

Here is how it goes :

One passion fruit
Four blocks of ice cubes
About 170ml water
25ml to 30ml honey (about two or three tablespoons)

Start with getting the honey into a shaker, followed by the ice-cubes and passion-fruit bits and water. If you're using a 250ml shaker, care not to exceed 220ml with all ingredients in. Shake well till the cubes melt, and serve in a red wine glass or any glass that allows you to swirl the drink before sips. Otherwise, the passion fruit bits would stay at the bottom. Blending is not a favourable option because it psycho-attacks the pulp and seeds, resulting in a grainy drink. Shaking 'bruises' the pulps nicely to release the sweet citrusy aroma and flavour without actually breaking the seeds. I also always opt for slighty sourish passion fruits as honey is already sweet. A sweet-sour combination works better for me rather than gulping down a mono-flavoured concoction of sweetness. 

Enjoy !


  1. You actually have that much time in the morning??? lol

    Try slicing bananas and red apples, drizzle tons of honey over it and refrigerate...delicious!

  2. I've tasted a "monofloral" wild honey and didn't like the taste. Maybe it's more natural for the bees to use pollen from a variety of flowers. Or maybe I picked the wrong flower!

  3. LOL MMMMMM I so want to try this out!!! Ahahahaha I love passion fruit, have a vine in my house (but it hasn't borne any fruit for six years =(

    Ah well, great post xD I love reading your blog, it's so interesting to see useful stuff like this (As opposed to the crap I keep spewing, god knows why)

  4. Sounds so delicious to me, wow.

  5. saby - i get up a little early for all this. i need a good drink to put up with all the people i meet in the mornings :) your recipe sounds yum. will try babes!

    gb - maybe you picked the wrong one :p
    learn from the bees :)

    punk - hey hey. nothing is crappy, babes. you make people laugh. its cool.
    oh wow. i dont even know what passion fruit vines look like.

    matthew - you should try it :)

    JAYA J

  6. That looks and sounds delicious!

  7. I may try some warm honey at night – it would be nice to sleep like a baby. (Although, God knows, babies can be fussy sleepers…)
    I wonder why the sugar in the honey doesn’t act as a stimulant at night? Perhaps warming it up eliminates the sugar high?

  8. That drink sounds delicious, I love passionfruit

  9. Your recipe sounds delicious. I love passion fruit.

  10. I like making honey butter. It's delicious on my homemade wheat rolls.


  11. BRB, going to buy honey. ;)

  12. I want it in my veins!!

  13. OMGosh! That sounds so yummyyyyyy!!! :)

  14. SB - try it :)

    Beth - that's a good question Beth, but it may have something to do with the fact that its simple sugar :)

    orang - youre welcome :p

    NM and MP - yea, me too. love everything about it :p

    lola - sounds tempting. how do you do it ?

    2 pesos - have you ? haha

    interwebs - go get it :p

    michelle - yummy it is :)

  15. Interesting... I should ask my mom to try it since she likes honey

  16. Honey is good for most things. I do remember this honey themed fragrance that somehow got on this bathroom towel of mine. I don't remember the details, but it smelled fowl and it made me a little biased against real honey lol.

  17. terra - yen, why not. hope she likes it :p

    mark - :) honey lovers that we are.

    adam - i think i know what u mean. i also don't like chocolate themed body scrubs on me. it kind of puts me off.

  18. Wait, you drink a whole glass of honey at night?

    I'd try that morning drink, but I don't think passion fruit is ever available here! One of my favorite honey foods: Toast with peanut butter, sliced banana, honey and a little cinnamon. Delicious.

  19. Looks delicious. I too am somewhat of a honey aficionado. My favorite kind is sourwood honey.

  20. sound delicious

  21. Yum, already feeling thirsty n wishin fr the weekend.. ironically its still only monday.. sounds n looks really super 'D'-licious :)

    Nice one, Jaya :)

  22. Yes! Finally someone who understands my obsession with honey. My girlfriend doesn't get it and teases me a lot. :(

  23. sounds good, I enjoy the taste of honey as well

    nice blog followed

  24. secret - lol. nooo. i mix 2 tablespoon of honey with warm water at night. and that recipe, i've got to try. thanks !

    2peeeps - try it !

    Raj - don't wait till weekend :p anytime will do.

    dwei - doesn't she like it at all ?

    aamedor - thank you and thats great !

  25. THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS! I am far too lazy to make it, hahaha, but still! yum!


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