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Instagramania #2

I'M feeling empowered by Instagram and that may explain my addiction to the fun application right now. Without any time-consuming photo-editing, I have gorgeous Andrew-Campbell worthy pictures instantly with the app. (Or not, tell me Andrew). My only problem is that Instagram doesn't seem to be stable on my Android phone. The app has random shut-down fits and it's really frustrating especially when I see something nice while on the go. Poofff! There goes the desert full of aimless camels! I have no problems with the app on my i-Phone though - it's perfect except that the 3GS model doesn't allow for good quality photos in the dark. Oh well. Here are more photos. 

It's along one of the retail buildings at Pearl Qatar. Love the architecture. 

Two - coloured roses at a florist.

These are common bushes that thrive here. Must be hardy fellas.

Saw this back gate ajar during one of evening walks. Thought it was pretty and for me it's an exciting peek into the compound of a local home. 

And for some fun time vodka jello shots for the home party! 

Is there like a conniving set of rules in Blogger for photo uploads that I'm unaware of ??? Can't seem to upload any more than these. 

Had to put this up, courtesy of Kristin Akit. Remember my postings about driving and attitude towards road safety in this country ? This child was left roaming in the car before she found a comfy spot at the back. I'm speechless really. 


  1. Although I don't deserve the implicit praise, I shall accept a very pleasing comparison to you! These are really good (he says trying to keep the surprise and condecension out of his typing) but you really need to get a real know, one that doesn't 'ring'. I envy you your opportunities Jayagandi. How's life in Qatar?

  2. Wow great job, that app sure does the trick to make them even better.

  3. Those jelly shots sound awesome and look it too! I love all of these photos of life in Qatar and the fact that they're taken on Instagram just makes things even better, Instagram makes everything look beautiful, it's a shame about the crashing though!

  4. looks like fun!! jello shots are dangerous! i have read on some blogs that blogger is limiting the free picture space, and bloggers now have to pay to put photos on their blogs..

  5. You really captured the essence of those jello shots!

  6. Is vodka legal in Qatar, Jaya? I wouldn't want anyone to get flogged for flouting the local prohibition. But I'm glad to see that bush is legal.

  7. Those roses are beautiful.

    And Oh Em Gee... what is up with the girl in that car... disturbing!

  8. I love roses. Unfortunately no one gives them to me. I always need to buy my own private bunch. :(

    P.S. Some parents should be locked up.

  9. The last photo reminds me of life in the 60's, before we had seatbelts. But we know better now - or should!

  10. Love your pics!! I think I have a bit of an histogram addict too!! Xxx

  11. P.S. Just for your information... it's weekend. And mine is a four-day one. Jealous yet? :D

  12. P.S.2: Mmmmmmmmmerry X-mas!

  13. Jaya, Jaya, Jaya. I am an instagramatic addict! I LOVE IT. We NEED to follow each other. You can find me on istagram under the blindingly. awesome username of.... JulesSmithShots

    FABULOUS photos. I love photography; it's everything you want in an instant.

  14. H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R.!!!!!!

  15. nice pics Jaya

    n a happy, happy New Year to u, Jaya.. prayers n wishes for a brilliant '13:)

  16. Hi Jaya! Just dropping by for my fix :-)


  17. I still don't get the appeal of Instagram. Maybe it's because I don't use it myself.


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