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Instagramania #1

ONE would think that going from a busy working woman to currently being unemployed would give me plenty of time. You know, like many hours of don't-know-what-to-do. But it seems like I still don't have enough time. Not sure how the hours fly by but I do spend many leisurely hours basking in the sun and going for walks in the neighbourhood or stalking people on Facebook on top of the real social activities with friends here. I've also been taking some photographs. On and off Instagram and here are some. 

It's one of the many sunset photographs I've been taking. Love this one though. It was caught when I was stuck during an evening rush-hour traffic.
Another sunset during an evening walk. Thought it looks like a sandstorm in the sky. You could probably even catch the Sand Man if you looked harder. Very pretty.
This was taken during a morning walk. I love that the sky is cloudless and so blue here. 

This is a typical housing compound here. It's a compound opposite where I live.  I'm still getting over the flat roof design. A practical design for a place that receives very little rain. 
This is Pearl, Qatar. It's 985 acres of reclaimed land off the shore of the Arabian Peninsula where there are many luxury residential developments and upscale retail stores and restaurants. It's a cool hang-out but since alcohol was banned in the area about a year ago, it's been rather quiet.

I have more pictures to show but Blogger is misbehaving and I can't upload any at the moment. So there'll be more pix posts coming up. 


  1. Ooo you take great pics!

  2. Great pics, you take awesome shots. And pfft I'm jealous, I want to be unemployeed too, but I would be in an alley, so no haha

    1. hey hey Pat. being unemployed is boring and when you have an idling mind, its not good for the cat.

  3. Those flat roofs are too good to waste. Do people grow plants on them? Or sunbathe on them?

    1. ppl dry clothes up there but i laze around - not really sunbathe but i do love the sun so i try to sit out there as much as i can.
      at night, i watch the star and go online, GB.

  4. I love these Instagram photos all Jaya, they look incredible, I think that the last one is my favourite. I genuinely mean it when I say you're so lucky to live here, it actually looks heavenly, like utter heaven on earth, you're so lucky and you've really captured it well with these photos, these are amazing!

    1. thanks Matthew. the trick is the sky - its always blue and nice and i guess i've been using that for my photo advantage here.

  5. I'm having a glass of wine as I read this and wondering how I'd do in a place with no alcohol. Probably not great! But the skies are pretty.

    1. it's not too bad really. there is alcohol in qatar of course and you can find them at hotel establishments and for home consumption, you need a license which enables you to buy all you want from the Qatar Distribution Company.
      alcohol has been banned at restaurants in pearl qatar about a year ago but i hear it will be back. well, i hope so!
      the bad time to be here i suppose is during summer peak and during the one month fasting period when the whole country goes into a kind of hibernation - alcohol isn't served even in hotels during that time and the malls are closed till evening, just before break fast time.
      hmm. dont think that would be any fun.

    2. Maybe that month would be a good time to plan a vacation to somewhere else?

  6. The less I HAVE to do, the more I WANT to do. Always busy, busy, busy.


  7. I love the deep blue sky and the intriguing flat-roof designed houses!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  8. The things that Blogger do! Love those pics, Jaya J. But seriously... you spend many leisurely hours basking in the sun? I'm so jealous. That's jealous with a capital J. But I'm happy for you. Could you send a bit of sunshine my way? :))


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