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A Chocolate Tsunami

HOPE that all of you've had a great start for the year. Happy 2013! 

It's just day 17 and I'm sure there're broken resolutions already :) But that's okay - I just broke mine with the greedy consumption of a massive scone topped with the sweetest icing you could ever lay your hands on, and tomorrow I'm planning on baking the Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of Miss Lawson. The recipe calls for plenty of dark chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate morsels and cocoa powder. No surprise there coming from the ever generous Miss Lawson but just try imagining all that. Baked and warm with half melted chocolate chunks invading your tastebuds with each bite. A total chocolate tsunami it is. 

The weather in Doha has been on the low. I'm practically walking around the house with a portable heater blowing off hot air at my feet. When it overheats due to non-stop usage, I resort to sitting out in the sun, catching up on aging while at it. 

The start to the year has been somewhat angry for me. I shouldn't be but anger consumes me up like wildfire when I read about things. There's been too many foolish people around, coming out of their holes and saying stupid things and thanks for social networks, these sentiments would have gone unnoticed if I were to depend on the mainstream media alone. Sad really. That's in Malaysia. Then there were the Sandy Hook shooting and rape cases in India among other anger-inciting news and now the Algeria kidnapping. I guess the world would never have a near shortage of deliriously stupid people. I'm beginning to think about something an Australian friend had said to me last year about a certain group of people. He probably has a point after all and would be royally cocky to note that he's been right. 

Here are some green-themed photos taken while I was back home in Malaysia. 

This is a serene spot nearby my dad in law's place. I believe fairies live here

The mid section of a durian tree. Love how the branches have branched out.

This is tapioca plant at my parents' place. Love the red stem against the green. 

Banana plant at my parents' place. Wet leaves on a rainy day. 

A type of yam plant. Love the mix of colours. 

Lilies !


  1. Stupid things and stupid people seem to increase each day haha and bah resolutions are dumb anyway, so break em I say.

    1. haha. i dont make resolutions because they are not practical but i do tell myself to eat better and healthier every year which somehow gets broken even before i could think.

  2. That's why we have chocolate and cookies so we can forget about the stupid people. Now then, what time shall I be there...for the tasting session?

    1. ahh Juliette. i am sugar high that i have a headache!

  3. The kidnapping news angered me as well Jaya, I just hope as many people as possible are rescued and are okay, the terrorists will not win in the end. That recipe sounds delicious too, it's got me feeling some serious chocolate cravings as it is, best of luck with it, hopefully you let us all know how it goes! Also it's good to see you posting in 2013, let's hope it's a good one for you Jaya!

    1. oh well glad its over now, Matthew. what joy is there in terrorising others ? geez.
      recipe is nasty with yum factor. sugar high to the max and i hope the same for you - good 2013.

  4. Well, there's no need to feel guilty about eating dark chocolates - it's supposed to contain antioxidants that are good for you. I wasn't aware of stupid things being said in Malaysia. Is it the former PM? He was always trash-talking everyone, especially the Australians.

    1. the recipe calls for dark chocs GB but i used milk chocs :)
      oh well, these new stupid people and a generation of them have stemmed out of his policies i suppose.

  5. I've missed you. It's so nice to have you back. Happy Cookies!


    1. oh Janie :) i did miss everything on here too. hope the new year has been good so far.
      thank you :)

  6. Chocolate has anti-oxidants. It's health food. :-)

    Here we call those yam plants caladium.

    1. i guess ive been eating healthy then :)
      oh yeah. in the malay language, they're known as keladi.

  7. So. Much. Green.

    I've seen nothing but white for weeks now.

  8. I'd never actually seen a durian tree before. My Mom always runs away when I'm eating durian. I still don't know why that is... ;)

    Good to see you're back.

  9. Yum cookies... Yum chocolate...


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