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It is Love

I wish to god I could sing. I really do.
I mean, wouldn't it be glorious to have a rich voice that demands attention like that of Annie Lennox ? I just sooo wish to god again and again. Coming from a family of musicians, it's easy to presume that I'd at least, be confident with a tambourine, but sadly when we gather I never ceased to feel left out as they strum guitars and violins, and sing. On many Friday nights, my brother and Uncle Nat would bring their guitars, violin or a banjo, just to sit at this alley joint near home where they'd entertain some senior citizens. From having no friends there, they now have many. Music brings people together. It's like love. It is Love.

On that note, this is a personal favourite from Lennox' Christmas album from last year. I can safely say it's my most favourite Christmas album.

Don't you just love that voice.


  1. I, like you absolutely love the voice of Annie Lennox, she's awesome. Saying that I bet you're not as bad a singer as you're saying you are, in my opinion you're not giving yourself enough credit, I bet you have a beautiful voice! Great post.

  2. Aw, doesn't sound like fun if everyone else is good in music and you're left out... But I think one of the more important things about music is also having fun, right?

  3. I think my mom listens to her music

  4. I also wish I could sing, but I am incredibly and painfully tone deaf. My car doesn't even like it when I sing. But eff you car, I'll belt like a diva in the car if I want to..

  5. I adore singing. I don't care if other people like it. Singing makes me happy. Call me Annie.


  6. I sing beautifully. At least that's what I tell myself since I'm a legend in my own mind.

  7. I remember a producer of Country music saying everyone could sing, it's just a matter of choosing the right notes for them. Have you ever considered a few singing lessons to explore your potential?

  8. Sounds good! :D

  9. Such a lovely voice! :D

  10. videos aren't working on my computer right now, but i love annie lennox too! and i agree, music IS love :)

  11. I can't sing either, I sound like a cat being hit by a truck.

  12. I never thought I'd see the day when Annie Lennox put out a Christmas album.

  13. matthew - you're very kind :p but if i can actually sing, i won't be humble or discreet about it. thanks Matthew.

    terra - yes. dancing with the music on...that i love ! :p

    adam - lol. if i had a baby at 20, she'd be 12 now.

    gia - yes! i do that in the car too. eff you car :p

    lola - thats great. music is like endorphins :P

    gb - oh GB. in acting class, they did give us vocal training in case you have potential for musicals, but you know what - i lost my voice after the 2nd day :p

  14. 2 pesos - it does, right !

    interwebs - yeah :p i love everything about that voice.

    kage - music is love :p check it when its working Kage ! :)

    MP - yea, its hard not to ;p

    dwei - maybe not as bad as you think it is :p

    nursie - its all great :)

  15. She does have an amazing voice indeed. I like walking on broken glass.

  16. Nice video, she does have a great voice

  17. I really can't sing either. Not that that stops me. :-O



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