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Kurang Ajar

I figured Rude Malaysians need a label of their own since there are so many out there. At food stalls, posh restaurants, ticket counters, government offices, on the road and communal living arrangements such at condominiums, testing on decent Malaysians'sanity. It's an ugly phenomenon, really.

For a long time, I chose to ignore and avoid such people but these days, I just speak out loud and tell to their faces of their rudeness. My rational is that maybe they are not aware of it so by telling them, they might realise something (and in my own straight-faced, demonic effort to hurt their ego!). I don't know if it works to move them from a lifetime of cutting queus and speaking at a rude decibel in hospital wards, but the idea is to basically get them thinking (if they think at all) of their actions.  
Under this label, I will be relating stories of my rude encounters as I go on my daily chores.

A few days ago, I was in my neighbourhood Pasar Malam in Selayang, shopping for food. Got myself some Char Kway Teow and then stopped at a stall that sold Fried Yam. A young girl of about 16 was helping her dad sell the freshly fried offerings. As I stood looking at the Yam-filled tray, this took place.

Rude Girl: Hoi, Apa Mau ? ( What do you want?)

Me       : Ini, Satu. (One of this)

Rude Girl, then quickly shoved one piece into a plastic bag and handed over to me. I checked if there was sauce packets and upon finding none, I reached to take one for myself. Since it was a micro-mini packet, I took two packets. At this point, Rude Girl grabbed the sauce off my hand and shouted this. The even Ruder Father, encouraged it by scolding along.  

Rude Girl: Beli satu pun mau cili kah ! (Do you need   chillies for only a piece?)

Me       : Macam ini jangan buat business la. Saya tak mau beli. (If you treat your costumers like this, you should stop doing business, I am not buying your Yam )

I gave back the Yam, and Rude Girl returned my money. Ruder Father said something derogratory in their secret language and I walked away. Looking back, I found a word that fit Rude Girl best - Kurang Ajar.
Aptly describes her.


  1. Mutiara Lee30 October, 2010

    Should have just yelled back and said, "kalau mau tak tahu bikin business, tutup kedai bodoh" hahahaha.

  2. seriously, i was tempted to, but it was not worth fighting them la.


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