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Pump It With Pumpkins !

That's right. It was near Halloween and during an Xcelerate Fit Boot Camp session yesterday, we remembered the celebration with some pumpkins. But here's the thing. The fruits weren't glowing at us with hollow, orange eyes and we were not in Dracula costumes. Instead each one of us had a pumpkin in hand while we did various exercises during the session led by trainer Ben Yeoh. The pumpkins acted as weights when we did countless crunches, lunges, streching, runs and squats.
A pumpkin next to an
 exercise mat
Most pumpkins were about 2 to 3kg and mine was 2.2kg. I thought it was an easy weight to begin with, but when I did 20 repetitions of everything for three sets, 2.2kg felt a lot more heavier as the body got weary. The session would have been a lot more fun though if the field we were training at was not wet due to an earlier rain. I scurried in between sets to find a fairly dry spot to do that Mountain Climber or Plank but the soil was moderately soft everywhere, making me very cautious of slipping away and hurting myself! I can't afford anymore falls and injuries than what I already have!
By the end of the hour, the inside of our shoes were soaked. Clothes were wet due to both sweat and wet grass, and I felt icky, itchy and scratchy. Of course, a quick shower fixed all that later but the little princess in me wasn't enjoying all that dirt and squish in the shoes. The workout, however, was good.
We got to bring back the pumpkins. Thanks to a camp mate, Deepanjali - she provided us with her own Pumpkin Soup recipe. I shall try it and post on the outcome soon !
Thats (from left) Siew Leh, Karen and Michele

Posers...these two


  1. have you seen the videos of pallas cats playing with pumpkins? there are quite a few on youtube

  2. saw them. they're very cute. fat buggers with a face that looks almost human close-up ! minus the whiskers.


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