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Review: Laura Mercier Mineral Cheek Powder

WHEN a friend passed me a container of Laura Mercier Mineral Cheek Powder in Pink Spark, I was my usual skeptic self. The last few times I tried on cheek powders, I ended up looking like a TV newscaster from the 80s - with strong colour and unnatural shine on the cheekbones, minus the big hair. I hated it and so I stuck by my matte blushers till I started using this product a few months ago - the rest is history. These days, my matte blushers only rise to very few occasions. Most times they lie at the bottom of my make-up box.

The mineral cheek powder is super-duper fine. Finer than you can imagine, really. It has this amazing ability to cling onto your skin like it knows it belongs there, and it stays for a whole day, taking durability to another level. Just be careful not to dab too much powder on your cheeks when powdering your face. Otherwise you'll end up toning down the glorious radiance.

It gives my cheeks a smooth, glowing effect, as if they are air-brushed. I know it because I have received such comments on numerous occasions while wearing it. 

I also love the fact that when I wear Pink Spark, I can match it with any lipstick colours ranging from pinks, pinkish browns to reds. So I don't have to worry about having a lipstick to match the cheeks because it generally works well with any lip colour. That aside, the powder works well when I am sweating in the field or at the gym. It continues to give the most natural glow. 

When applying, just be sure to get an even coat. All you need is a thin layer for a sun-kissed or rosy effect to enhance your confidence! And I would buy this product at any cost :)


  1. So, mineral is better or just Laura Mercier Mineral cheek powder is better than matte type of blusher? My blusher is already at critical level. need to buy a new one and I have no idea what is good nowdays.

  2. i like LM mineral powder in particular. u should get a blusher that works best for you. you can actually have one in mineral and one matte. i often mix both, although most times i prefer to stick with just mineral. have you tried cream blushers? they are quite fun as well. dab and smooth over cheeks, then apply last longer and gives natural glow too.
    try checking out shu eumura's christmas collection's cream comes in a bright pink tube, and is quite cool..cream but feels powdery when applied. should be good for you :)

  3. personal "stylist". Ok then, will try this shu eumura's cream blusher thingy. Do i need to get the powder type to apply after the cream or not? Please say just the cream will do. hahaha...

    I like the part where you say it last longer. I'm not type who goes to the ladies and re-apply make up. Once in the morning (blusher, eye liner and eyebrow thingie) and that is it!

  4. same like me ! i dont re-apply except for face powder every now and then...quite obsessed with powder too.. cream blusher are enough on their own :) cheers.

  5. I dont like powder. Not good at spreading it even on my face. Not even going to start practising to be perfect at it.

    Yea! Cream blusher on it's own. Thank you! :)

  6. Just for info, Shu Eumura and Laura Mercier cannot be found in Doha, the nearest I can get Shu Eumura and Laura Mercier product is Dubai! I'll get it when I'm back home la *sigh*.

  7. i see. what else do they hv there ? i should chk out make-up counters next month when i am there.

  8. What i know, they have Mac & Sephora. Body shop (make up category too?). The normal ones like maybeline, laureal, nivea. I think they have chanel (dan setaraf dengannya :)), but i dont usually go to those places. They dont have it in those big malls, they have it in the smaller ones where only mak and minah arab go. Tell aloysies to bring you to the smaller malls like the one opposite to ramada, salem and the one near lacigale :p

  9. i see. teruknya.
    but Chanel and setaraf dengannya is okay la.
    we'll check it out !


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