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Grey Weather

IT'S like a scene from a horror movie outside. The weather department did warn us of the storm but at this intensity, it's something I've never experienced before. At 65kmph, the wind is howling angry. The air is thick with dust that I can't see my neighbour's house. I could taste sand particles in my mouth and nose when I was at the balcony earlier. Why, I'm on the sofa now and still get a strange smell in the air. 

Times like this, I really don't mind a thunderstorm instead. Visibility is off, the roads are equally messed up, it's not safe to be out and there're flood possibilities. But at least, during and after a thunderstorm, the air is clean and everything looks new and hopeful again. I walked into the bathroom and ran my finger along the bathtub. There is already a layer of dust. The hub had just washed it earlier. I could see a coat of grey matter on the brown TV cabinet from where I am now. This is just in the city, inside of an almost soundproof building. I cannot imagine what it must be like in the open desert. The sight of the changing dunes must be phenomenal but how does anyone survive it? Sandstorms feel just so much more devastating and disastrous by the very nature of it. It's probably my only grouse about living in the sandpit. 

I'm thinking of all the neighbourhood kitties around here. At this compound, we have about 10 stray cats. The neighbours feed them and have even gotten some spayed. Compound policy allows for no home pets but we feed and care for them outside. In this bleak weather condition, I wonder where these cats would be taking refuge in. I read about how a black cat had turned grey in an earlier weather report. Must have been a hilarious sight but at least, it had a home to return to. 

I'm so hoping that the storm ends sometime by tomorrow. Traveling in this weather condition is worrisome, whether it's by land, water or air, and we have a plane to catch in about 24 hours. 

I tried getting pictures and video of the storm but it didn't translate well. I might try again during the day when I could get better photos. 



  1. Sounds like one nasty storm indeed. Hopefully the stray cats have a way to avoid it.

  2. Blimey, that sounds horrible! I wouldn't be too happy with having to keep dusting either! Stay inside and cook some of your delights, Jaya x

  3. Sounds like this area when tornadoes are brewing. It's scary!


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