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Searching For Nayati

WE hear of children being kidnapped for whatever reasons. Not cool at all. It happens here once in a while. Some are lucky to have been found again but others are never to be heard of after that, which is just too painful for any parent or family to bear. In some cases, the parents may be hit with a painful closure of having to find their little one cramped dead in a duffel bag or something. 

The early Friday morning kidnapping of 12-year-old Nayati Shamelin Moodliar came as a real shock to the nation. The student from Mont Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur was near home when he was abducted, believed to have been seized by two men in a black car at 7.35am. I can't begin to imagine what Nayati's parents are going through right now although the video in that link above speaks volume of their ordeal. We can just hope and pray for the boy's safe return.

The Royal Malaysian Police Force has posted an alert on its Facebook page yesterday and urged people to contact the Travers police station at 03-22824222 or ASP Erwansyah at 019-3849480. Those with information on Nayati's whereabouts can also call 013-681 6085. 

A dedicated Facebook page ( UsToFindNayatiMoodliar) was also set up by Nayati's family and friends in the hope that it would help bring much needed information on his whereabouts. The Facebook page also has a link to a @Nayati2012 Twitter account.

Let's support the search for Nayati. 


  1. This is awful. Are they asking for a ransom?

  2. This is just horrible to read about Jaya. Someone going missing is always horrifying but whenever it's somebody so young it gets even worse. Here's hoping he gets to go home safe as soon as possible.

  3. Poor kid. I hope they find him soon.

  4. I hope they find him, any person to kidnap a kid is just despicable.

  5. Sad and terrifying. I hope he is found - soon.

  6. Thats terrible. Well done on posting and getting info out to people. I hope they find him very soon.

  7. That is so horrible! Keep us posted if you hear of anything...

  8. This is horrible. I hope he'll be found soon. :(

  9. I hope he gets home safe, terrible news.
    Kidnapping happens in England a lot but it is mainly nonces.

  10. God bless him and his family. I'm praying for them.


  11. So sad. I've made you blog of the day in hopes to spread the word.

    1. that's nice of you, Copyboy. thanks.

  12. oh my gosh! a parents worst nightmare! I will pray for the whole family.

  13. This is sad, I hope hes found.

  14. horrible news...seen the video you posted...terrible...pray for his quick and safe return!

  15. Its very sad to hear about this, Jaya.. hope they find him soon.. I can imagine what his parents are going thru...

    Hope all goes well...

  16. You are doing a good job by spreading the word.
    This is something happening in every country (to make quick money)
    Some are influenced by the stories from movies.
    Strict enforcement of law and retributive punishment is the only answer.

  17. Poor kid. Poor family. Hope they'll find him as well as the people who did this - if you know what I mean.

  18. That's terrible. I can't imagine what the boys parents must be going through. Hope they find him soon!

  19. I hope that he gets home safe. It is terrible when children get caught up in an adult world.


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