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Tired Eyes Bother Me

I am officially on a hunt for a good eye cream now after what my brother (he is not gay, it's just that the men and women in my family have a way of noticing and pointing out the obvious among us, without tact) had said about my under-eye wrinkles. Well, yes. I know they exist. They've existed for some years already and have just become more pronounced in the last year. Something dry and wrinkly on a face that thankfully, is still quite flawless does stand out quite a bit. But still, when my brother merrily pointed it out during a family dinner, it kind of caught me off-guard and got me thinking. 

It is true. My eyes are the first to tire and show signs of tiredness by a day's end no matter what I do. I miss a couple of hours of sleep, it shows on my under-eyes in forms of dry, gray skin, and over-sleeping causes puffy upper eye-lids. Allergens in the air especially smoke causes them to tear. A poorly ventilated bar, a newly built room with fresh paint and wood works , and most eye-shadows and eye-liners are a recipe for tear works !

The great sun is the greatest tearjerker of all. Staying in the sun without a pair of shades is enough to cause tears to roll down my cheeks. One evening, I was at the Kepong Metropolitan Park, watching kite-flyers in action while chatting with some of them. Even with the shades on, the eyes started tearing profusely, bringing with the salty tears all traces of mascara down the cheeks.

Kite Flying
Ultimately, the top part of my blouse was wet with tears and it was all a mess that I had to leave. Lots of sun has that kind of effect on my eyes I noticed. Lately, light from my 55-inch screen also triggers tears especially if I'm watching shows at night with the room lights off. That's also one reason why I avoid long distance driving at night. My night vision is so poor I can't see anything with the glare from the oncoming vehicles. Camera flashes ? They drive me mad! Not that I'm being stalked for any gossip column.

Nevertheless for all the allergies I seem to have, my vision is pretty normal at 20/16 (apparently a hawk might have 20/2 vision, so 20/ 16 is better than a perfect 20/ 20). At every annual eye check-up, the optician dismisses my enquiries about eye wear. 

Greatest Tearjerkers
"Your vision is better than normal," said an optician in a check-up last month as my husband laughed out loud. 

Aloy thinks that I'm looking for a valid excuse to justify an Emilio Pucci frame. Well, he is right about the Pucci frame bit but honestly I just want a sensible diagnosis for my sensitivities and some measures - medically or otherwise, to help me deal with it efficiently.

I feel like I'm still handicapped by my extreme sensitivities to light, dust and other allergens. Doesn't eye care include all that ? I want the white of my eyes to stay white instead of showing red webs of capillaries by day end, and as much as I'm disturbed by the under-eye wrinkles, that's still secondary.

Primarily, tired eyes bother me.


  1. My eyes cant take direct sunlight, or the bright headlights of cars at night either. I guess our genetic ancestors lived in the darkened rain-forest.
    RE:"under-eye wrinkles" , I don't think other people notice such tiny things. You must have said something to upset your brother, or your brother is a jerk.
    Everybody is ageing , maybe tell him his hairline is receding?

  2. I hope your optician is doing more than testing your vision. He ought to be looking at the back of your eyeballs and measuring their internal pressure. I wonder if your pupils are contracting sufficiently in the sunlight.

  3. Mark : Hello! Welcome here. Perhaps our ancestors were forest fairies :)
    My brother's got a head full of hair. Lol.

    GB: The internal pressure is fine. The pupil bit is scary though!

    - Jaya J -

  4. My eyes are sensitive to the sun that way also, I'm constantly squinting outdoors, I always look like I'm in a bad mood or something

  5. They bother me, too!

  6. My eyes cry in the wind more than the sun


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