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A Sunny Sunday

The gods have NO idea how much good this sunny evening does to my sanity. I'm loving it from every angle and I pray that every evening is as bright as today. It's been a few weeks since we've had this sort of evening that casts a shadow on my sofa by the window. That invites children to splash out at the pool downstairs. That allows kite flyers and joggers to fill up the nearby park. I love the smell and sight of the sun, and the hope it brings. I'm not too sure how many would agree with me on how therapeutic sunny days can be to one's mind and soul but it does me a whole lot of good. If I can represent myself through an emoticon, it would have to be this bright yellow type with the largest crescent for a mouth. I'm finally bright happy in a month that's been testing every fibre of my mental strength. No, it's not one-of-those-months kind of month. October 2011 has been a spirit dampening month, just like the stormy evenings over the past weeks. Well, there'll be a different post on that on a later date.

A sunny outdoor  
The weather report said it would rain at 4pm but it's already half past 5 and I like the way the sun is fighting the gloomy, giant clouds away and in doing so, casting a darker shadow over the sofa. It's making me almost giddy with a secret joy like how a child would when she lays her hands on a forbidden chocolate bar. When my gran was around, she hated the rain as well. Everytime the sky darkened, she almost always went mental and thunderstorms were received with such solemnity. Like me, she treasured sunny evenings by strolling in the neighbourhood or watching me do laps at the community pool. In the later years, when she became disabled due to diabetes, she spent her warm evenings at the park watching young families go by. 

The clouds came but the sun was stubborn too 
On any other day, I wouldn't dream of staying home on an evening like this. But I've just spent half the day taking part in a Dragon Boat race in Putrajaya under plenty of sun and should be resting to recover from it all. So just when I leaned over to pick up the TV remote control on the sofa, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful outdoor in all its glory from where I live through the sheer curtain. Instead of running out to be a part of it, I've decided to sit back and watch the angles and remember this promising day. I don't understand how some people could spend such evenings by sleeping through it. But it doesn't matter - I'm still smiling because it's a sunny Sunday that has fooled the weather report. 

A clear sky. Notice the Twin Towers
on the background. 


  1. Yep, sunshine uplifts the spirit. I wonder if the Vitamin D it produces is also having a positive effect on your mental state.

  2. I'm having a cloudy, cold Sunday. It should be called Clouday. :D

  3. Lovely. It's sunny and pleasant in my part of the world this afternoon. It feels good.


  4. I wish the Gods brought us snow. (:

  5. I totally agree that sunny weather has a therapeutic effect on the soul. At least mine.

  6. We've had rain non stop since Friday night. With that said I can definitely understand how therapeutic some sunshine would be for your mind.

  7. GB : for some reason, i always thought it vitamin E :p

    MDIAS : sounds good too :)

    Lola : it does, right ? love it better than any anti-depressant...not that I'm on any.

    Interweb : soon soon, you'll have it :p

    MP: Many would agree with us :)

    Matthew : hope you get some sunshine soon :)
    the thought of rain spooks me...its been sunny for two days already here ..lovin it !

  8. I love the light in that middle image

  9. It's been foggy here lately

  10. not here, when its sunny we reach 40º+ (celcius) so its extremelly hot

  11. I live in the desert... Cloudy/rainy days for me please lol.

  12. Sunny days do tend to bring more smiles our way... atleats I like to think. Beautiful pictures! Now, if the cooler weather would just make its way down here and stay a little, then my smile would be a tad more wider :o)

  13. Nursie : yeah, i love it too :p

    N.O : hope the weather clears uo soon :P

    Tony : thats hot :p
    here the hottest is 34deg

    Cary : of course :p

    Michelle : cooler weather is lovely without the rain :)

  14. I love days like that!!! Lol sounds a lot like your blog layout x)
    Just reading this post gives me the chills how clearly I can envision it


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