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Smoke in the Face

NOTHING against smokers but I just cannot stand those who smoke at No Smoking areas such as inside lifts, hospital lobbies, petrol stations and school compounds. I don't know if those who still do despite the warning signs are rude or simply retarded. But I guess we will always have such idiots around. Today I had the misfortune of attending an outdoor event, which, by the way, started two hours late. Waiting was one thing but having people holding lit cigarettes in their fingers like they were champagne-filled glasses throughout the whole time was certainly not avant garde. 
Practically every single person, both guests and organisers, had a cigarette in hand. No concerns for the few who didn't smoke and worst of all they blew smoke at all directions, not bothering if it was someone's face that they were blowing at.
Then there were those who held cigarettes at their sides. When they mingled, the lit and smoking cigs faced seated guests directly. Smoke in the face.
So guess what? I ended up smelling like an ash tray despite generous splashes of Burberry Weekend eau de parfum.


  1. True, Jaya. I can't stand smokers who have no regard for the common public.

  2. simply retarded!

  3. I find smokers generally don't give a crap about polluting other people's lungs :P The ones who do bother to ask before lighting up are few and far between.

  4. there are very few who bother to ask and abide by the No-Smoking signs, most just dont care.
    sad, right?


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