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Review: Talika Lipocils Expert

THE power of ads is amazing. It doesn't matter how immune you are to the promises of the hundreds of ads you see around you everyday, but there is always that one ad to win you over. When you see it, you let yourself slip away(sometimes immediately) and before you know it, you are at the cashier counter, swiping that card or paying cash for a product or service you probably don't need. It doesn't usually happen to me, but, it did about 4 months ago when I saw a huge poster (pic above)of a blue iris, long lashes, and statistics of how well the product lengthened, darkened and curled lashes in just 28 days. There is something about numbers that help to close a deal, and, this ad had just too many of it for me to resist. So, impulsively I parted with RM185 for the Talika Lipocils Expert lash enhancer. I didn't need it, but, I was lured.

The product promised visible lash enhancement in 28 days, but I saw a difference after 2 weeks of daily (evening and morning) applications. My upper lashes appeared healthier, darker,a mm longer and curlier but the visible difference was on my lower lash line where the lashes grew longer, darker and curvier than I imagined them to be. No drama, but I was satisfied with the results. 

Drama is when you apply mascara over your enhanced lashes. With it on, lashes clearly appear longer and curled than before, almost like fake lashes. My lashes were like butterfiles after mascara application since the lower lashes were almost as long as the upper ones - just perfect for butterfly kisses. It's encouraging to see the transformation, really. I'd recommend this to all who want to experience a small but significant change in their lashes that becomes bolder with mascara applications.

With this product, one should take it like a gentle organic fertilizer to the lashes and not expect dramatic curl-up-the-sky kind of results. The product is like a hair tonic to promote growth and keep the lashes healthy. You can't really expect a +50% curl although its label says independent clinical studies show that. Perhaps the tonic did work that way on the specimens, but not when I used it.

Application is easy. Run the applicator along the lash lines and lashes. You can also apply your mascara over it. Apart from lashes, I also brush some along my brows before I go to bed for a healthy brow line. Does it irritate the eyes? No, but if you have a huge drop directly into your eyes, it may be slighty irritating but nothing really drastic. 

Of course, there are always cheaper options but I wouldn't complain much because it's been lasting me for 4 months now and I still don't see any signs of it finishing soon. It's also great as it doesn't thicken or dry up like some cheaper products I've used before. So it's good.


  1. sounds interesting. If I see some while out shopping I might be tempted to buy

  2. Where can I get this? I'll be in KL in 4 days time. I'm lazy (and had limited time) to wonder around looking for it. If you tell me where I can buy this, I'll go straight there :)

  3. Where can I get this? I'll be in KL in 4 4 days time. I've got limited time (plus lazy), to wonder around looking for it. If I know where, I can just go straight for it :)

  4. hello. you can get it @ 1 Utama's U Parkson.

  5. thank you :)


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