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Eyes on a Doctor

MY search for the ‘best’ eye-cream has temporarily ended last week with the purchase of Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate (right). For all the researching I did, this product was a random pick. I bought it after a couple of glasses of wine with Jasmine, who is a huge fan of Dr Sebagh  - she has almost everything that’s on the very expensive beauty counter and she also uses all of it in a nightly ritual after a warm shower. She says she loves what the Doctor does for her and I suppose that’s all that matters.

Before settling on Kiehl’s, I had my eyes on a Doctor too. dr.brandt that is. Very tempting reviews from the lady at the counter (naturally), and more convincing testimonies from personal friends who have sworn by the Doctor. The counter lady said that she has stopped using concealers after turning to one of the eye creams and even her under-eye oil sacs have vanished. How interesting. As for my friends, I think it’s just psychological for them - a mere feel-good factor to be going to bed and waking up with the Doctor each day. They still look the same to me - ever beautiful.

Anyways. The brand interests me so much I’d like to take the Doctor home with me some day if Kiehl’s is not working for me. The counter lady told me that Dr Fredric Brandt (left) was 75 but in the mug shot I saw on the pamphlet, he looked 25 and very ‘constructed’ if you know what I mean. Freaky yet preserved. It’s like he had tried and tested all prototypes on his face before they went to the mass market. I don’t intend to look like that at 75 but he’s interesting :

"Dr Brandt was the first to introduce green tea into skincare and the first to launch at-home treatments that mimic in-office procedures such as dr. brandt microdermabrasion, laser tight and laser a-peel. The internationally known lecturer, innovative researcher and sought-after physician began his impressive medical career as a cancer researcher at Sloan-Kettering where he specialized in the research and treatment of leukemia.
There, he became a pioneer in the discovery of natural anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage, which he would later base his eponymous skincare line. While studying how anti-oxidants affect the aging process in skin he learned that green tea fights free radicals that cause premature aging. This anti-oxidant, combined with white tea and grapeseed extract, has become the signature and award winner of dr. brandt skincare."
So yes. I’d give dr.brandt’s Time Arrest Eye Serum a go in a few months. It’s double the price of my Kiehl’s, but I suppose if it works, it’s worth the price. Well, that is if my Kiehl’s don’t live up to its expections. The counter lady said it’d take a month for visible results!


  1. Does Dr Brandt claim to have achieved his appearance without surgery? I wouldn't buy eye cream from someone who was an obvious bullshitter.

  2. I hope your product works out for you

  3. Good luck with these eye drops. Waiting for results on these things is a real pain but it's worth it in the long run believe me.

  4. Dr Brandt looks incredibly creepy

  5. GB: He does look extreme with surgeries but i belive products dont give that look - i just some improvements, thats all :p

    Adam : I hope it does too :)

    Matthew : These are eye creams, but youre right..its a pain to wait for results :)

    Nursie : He does, right.

  6. Good luck with the new product, and yeah - the Dr looks like he's had a few surgeries.

  7. I didn't even know there was such a thing as an eye- cream. O_o


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