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The Bang Band and The Other Wig

I BECAME curious about wigs a few years ago when I realised that long hair-styles were not mine to have. A few shots at long hair-dos, I'd decided that short, pixie cuts suited me better. But it'd still be nice to feel hair against my cheeks and shoulder, and to hide behind it once in a while. Plus, I really liked the idea of being able to toy around with a few looks without actually having to commit to one style. I get bored too easily. A wig, at the point, seemed like it could take care of all that.

So, I made my first wig purchase last December. It's an interesting and unusual piece, which comes with a hair-band attached to a black, synthetic bang (pic, right). You wear it like a band on the crown to have a perfect Cleopatra-style bang on the front. Your natural hair is visible from the head top to the back. My uncle and mom who were with me when I bought it thought that the strange wig reminded them of a haircut I used to have during primary school - so they actually liked it on me.

Every now and then, I take the band out to look at it. It needs some snipping as it's a little too long on the front, but I've just been sitting on it. I could take it to Min, my stylist, and I should, really. But then again, I think the real problem is that I haven't got the guts to wear it ! A thick bunch of shiny, black hair, which is not real, hanging down my forehead to the brow line does not feel real too. So I'm still a little weird about that, and it doesn't help that the fringe also makes me feel like a Penan tribal warrior.

Penan Kids

As if that's not enough, I purchased another wig last week, and it's the full deal - medium-bodied, straight, black, waist-length with a bang (pic, left). There is a parting, but I am thinking that I can shift the wig while it's on the head to have the parting any way I want. I am liking it at the right side, but when it's there, the length on one side becomes shorter than the other. So I snipped it myself to balance off the length, and, while at it, I also gave the wig a shorter overall cut. It's just above the bra strap right now, a perfect length. Again, the problem is me. I can't seem to consciously have it on my head and walk out of the house!  

From experience, finding a perfect wig is a challenge. You have to keep looking and trying till you find one that's meant for you. When I say meant, it means the cap has to fit the shape of your head as if it was moulded using your head. Every bit of hair has to fall nicely to frame your face too, otherwise you might end up looking like a homeless gypsy. Then, the hair texture has to be manageable. Some synthetics feel like hay. Real hair fall well. My initial problem was the lack of choices. They aren't many serious wig shops in town. I suppose wigs don't sell like ice-creams too. When I found one (at Sungei Wang Plaza), there was a trial charge of RM10 for each wig! Can you beat that ? Of course, I walked off. Previously, I had tried on a few at a shop in Lot 10, but nothing looked natural, till I tried on one at a hair accessory shop in Ipoh last week, only because it didn't have a trial fee.

Pics above: With the bang (left), With the full wig (right)

With two wigs, I don't know if I'll ever decide to use them for real, but my boss says I could go undercover now :)


  1. I think you look prettier in the first picture, but that may not have anything to do with the wig. Your profile picture doesn't do you justice, Miss Jaya.

  2. Thanks GB :-) I liked the blue sky n white ducks at the background.

  3. they both look very natural. are they comfortable to wear?

  4. i guess you need to get used to having it on the head. otherwise, they are comfortable :)

  5. I liked the long one. You should have kept it at that length only. When I saw the wig with the bang, I thoughtit may be looking kiddish but its looking good on you. Maybe you should go to some other city where no one knows you and find out if there is any effect. ;-)

  6. Thanks. I hope to do just that one day :) need to gather up courage for it.

  7. i like the long one too...hahaha..really look like ur own hair!

  8. They both look great. Now I want some.


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