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Hair Matters

You NEVER learn your lesson!
I've heard the key people in my life say that to me countless times, and heck, I've even said it to the girl in the mirror after each HAIR SCREW-UP. That's right. I seem to have a talent in screwing-up my hair just when it is at its best, and each time it happens, I cuss, groan and fall into depression till a hopeful dawn of another new hair season. Then, I vow to keep it good and nice. But good is boring, isn't it? So I go again in a roller-coaster ride of chemical treatments that alter the hair-structure, turning hair into hay (or to that effect). If it's not the nasty treatments, it's usually a serie of fancy haircuts that end up in a disaster. The last call is usually a short cut to rid of all bad hair. 

That's Min
Recently, I managed to get myself into such a situation. Hair was fine. Nice with natural waves till I got it straightened by an irresponsible stylist. To top it all, he had also cut it unevenly. I tell ya, I couldn't have looked more spastic! Besides, I have a work trip to Singapore next week and I can't afford the look. So after a few days, I went to see my trusted Min (Min International Hair Studio in Hartamas).

I first met the Korean stylist in MidValley, at the Shunji Matsuo Hair Saloon during an assignment about 6 years ago. He was the stylist assigned to treat, colour, cut and add extensions to my hair for a Japanese look that master stylist Matsuo had in store for me. During the session, I noticed Min's respect for a woman's hair and ever since, he has gained my trust in hair matters.

A typical appointment with Min includes a good 5 minute of him feeling you hair with his fingers to check its condition. He'd enquire about the cut/ style you're looking for before advising further on your hair conditions and cuts you can carry. If you can't take a style or colour, he'd suggest another that would flatter the face and hair texture. He is also very concerned about snipping off inches. So when he does, he'd ask you a few times if the length is okay. He's a little paraanoid about snipping off due to a personal experience. A long-haired woman had come to him for a really short style, but after the deed was done, she had broken down into tears. Big time. So Min panicked, but it turned out that the woman's tears were due to a fresh break-up! 

Anyways. I went to Min for damage control, and he gave me a hopeful consultation. After about 10 mins of looking at my hair, he snipped and treated, giving me a super short, pixie cut.
"Can't help much. It's been a bad job," he said.
Due to the straightening, my hair has fallen flat onto the scalp. I need to give it some body with a good hair wax, but the corrective cut has certainly helped me with my confidence. Thanks to Min :)

When in need, call him for an appointment at 03-2282 9242/ 2300 3361.


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