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Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara

MASCARAS are like magic wands for the eyes. Run them over the lashes, and your eyes are  pleasantly tranformed for the day. So it's never a bad idea to have too many of it at a time. It's interesting to mix and test different products to maximise lash beauty. When Mich handed me a bunch of the magic wands two weeks ago, I was grinning with glee as I took them :D
I can never have too many of them, and in the following weeks, I found myself getting wasted in them. Having tested a few, Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara became an instant favourite.  

The mascara comes in a tube. A soft, metal-like tube, and I find it really interesting. Bobbi Brown Mascara is the first mascara to be packaged in a tube, according to the company. "Bobbi Brown has had success with this mascara because of the formula's characteristics—it functions well in a tube," says Estee Lauder and Beauty Bank package development vice-president Gary Korba. Well then. I guess that must be it.

I love the clay-like creamy texture of the formula. It's not like some runny liquid that takes a few strokes to form a visible impact on the lashes. This formula has more of a clinging power to generously coat, thicken and lengthen at just the first stroke. So you end up with more volume that you bargained for. You can even achieve a dramatic false-eyelash look by applying more coats, especially at the tips. However as you do this, you've got to be a little careful. Don't blink away too much too quickly, as the formula takes a while to dry. Otherwise, you may end up with lash prints on your upper eye lids.

The colour is also intense. Its blackness, fresh like a dark wet stone. It also doesn't appear clumpy or dry, although you may need to use an eye make-up remover to get it off later. For easy removal, I apply the mascara over a basic coat of a separate washable mascara so it washes off without much tug. Another thing about it is its smell (or maybe it's just me). It has a distinct odour that may not exactly be a pleasant scent to those who dislike the intoxicating zing of petrol. I have no issues with it though :) Anyway, the smell is only apparent during application. Minutes later it's gone with the wind.

Well, yes. I'd buy this product. It's lovely and does what it says. If it's not for what it claims, try it for the tube packaging. Then you might find the formula really enhancing !


  1. hi babe..nice intro there...any samples??? ;-p

  2. Do you ever coyly flutter your eyelids?

  3. Shirley: No samples babe :) but come over, you can sample all of mine .

    GB: Sometimes yes. I might if I ever meet you ; )

  4. I'm sold. I'm never happy with my mascaras.

  5. sounds good. I don't wear make up all that often but I'd give this a whirl

  6. It's not that I'm interested in mascara, but I noticed you're from Kuala Lumpur. I live in Kuantan, where I've taught English for almost five years.

    Duncan In Kuantan


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