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Froyo for Frozen Yoghurt !

My i-Phone camera doesn't
do justice to the real deal
THAT photo on the left does not do justice to the product. During one of our strolls in Desa Sri Hartamas recently, Michele and I discovered this lovely frozen yoghurt place on Jalan 25/70A. It's called the Froyo Deli. For those who are used to choosing and twisting their own yoghurt at the Tutti Fruitti outlets, the menu at Froyo can be quite disappointing because you won't be spoilt for choices. It's either Plain or Strawberry or combine for a Twist. Twist is good. You can try both flavours and later decide on your favourite in the next visit. I've been there a couple of times by now, and still stick with Twist because both flavours are perfect. From its consistency to flavour, it's just really that good - packed with natural yoghurt taste, not just ice and artficial flavourings.  

A cheery interior
I love the Strawberry flavour because fresh strawberies go into its making. A board at the deli says 10,000 strawberries are used for the recipe. It may look a little tacky on the board, but sample the pink yoghurt and you know those are real strawberries in there, not syrup. 

Note the tacky hearts
and strawberries
There about 16 toppings to choose from, but I like the crunchy cornflakes and Hershey's Chocolate Syrup combination. You can add fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries for a fruity burst. Otherwise keep it plain if you're worried about added calories. Price wise, I think it's a fair deal too. For a medium cup of Twist with two toppings of choice, I pay RM11.50. So it goes by cup sizes - Small, Medium and Big - not by gram like how it works at Tutti Fruitti.

The good news is Froyo is planning on introducing more flavours in the soon future. Think Chocolate and Green Tea :) You can also expect Froyo kiosks springing up at a few locations including Mont Kiara!


  1. It's actually quite yum :)

  2. I want one!


  3. XY: we can actually take a drive there on one of our boring saturdays @ the office :)


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