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Vivid Dreams

In a couple of days, I complete and begin another year of my life, officially gravitating towards the late 30s. I don't know what to feel about it. Mostly, I'm not too happy about how time is just eating up my life. In no time, I'll be 40 and then comes the 50s. Not sure what's beyond that if I'm still around! Maybe it's the nightmare I had last night where a swamp of wasp or wasp-like insects washed over me. They didn't sting but they were kind of evil, like they had meant to harm me and they actually did. Soon, I was panicking. My legs swelled up, my face bloated with visible blisters. Mom was rushing my brother to send me to the hospital but he just stood there in his usual lackadaisical way, maybe even taking comfort with what he saw as I became frantic. And then, I woke up. 

I have vivid dreams every night and I remember them in detail. During deep sleep, I know that I'm in a dream and some days, the dreams are a continuation of something I've had before. The husband is always fascinated with my stories in the mornings. I used to be quite bothered by my dreams when I was younger but I've learnt to enjoy them over time. These days, I look forward to going to bed so I could go on adventures. They make me feel like I'm living in a movie set or a different realm. Some settings are the same like the houses I grew up in, others are so fictional with mythical creatures like the large, black dragon which was also a train? Lol. Its body, a long stretch of coaches. They occur in colour because I actually dreamt in full B&W once and was totally fascinated by it. The difference is profound. Some dreams are the recurring type and they usually have the same theme like I'm sitting for an examination or gliding in the air or I'm naked with other naked people. A small number of dreams affect me very much even in a sleep state. I wake up in tears or trying to punch or kick at something. 

The wasp dream is still bothering me though. Not sure if most people have vivid dreams like I do. 

A favourite pic of my niece Scarlet and I taken at
 Chinatown in Melbourne in January. 



  1. I have the continuation dreams sometimes. I tend to have vivid ones here and there, some are just plain weird though. Never had wasps after me. Time sure does fly by too.

    1. they sure are entertaining sometimes its a wonder, Pat.

  2. You're lucky. Most people can't even remember their dreams, but you have your own home cinema. The wasp dream must have been the horror feature. :) The brain is an organ that requires a lot of maintenance. We hallucinate in our dreams to avoid hallucinating when we're awake.

    1. i guess i am GB but sometimes, some dreams are just so haunting. so vivid and haunting even days after that. i suppose i even hallucinate when in that phase between sleep and being awake :)

  3. It goes faster all the time. But at 52, I can tell you there is plenty of life after 40. In fact, I'm having a fantastic year - it just keeps getting better.

    1. that's lovely :) love your adventures. i suppose we all feel this way at some points in life.

  4. It goes faster all the time. But at 52, I can tell you there is plenty of life after 40. In fact, I'm having a fantastic year - it just keeps getting better.

  5. Time is just eating up your life... I think I'm gonna call you Jaya Blue because I swear you could be my sister. Time is eating up my life too and I, too, wonder if I will ever get to reach the age of 50, my lungs being down to 75% already and what not. Except for one thing... I almost never remember my dreams (as in 99%), but when I do, they're always extremely violent so maybe I'm blessed to not remember my dreams.

    Are you telling me you are 35+?

    1. i guess we could be in that way, i always thought you sounded a bit like my inner voice. i'm sorry Blue, i dont know what to say to that, i can only hope for the best. with the sort of headaches i have, i don't even know if its just something related to my hearing anymore.
      you best not remember your dreams then, mine are mostly horrid ones. dont know why.

      almost. i'm 36 :)

    2. Angie is sitting right next to me as I type this and she says you look ten years younger. She has the same 'problem' (unlike me boo hoo hoo). She's 33 but she looks like she's in her early twenties. Until she opens her mouth and all the wisdom comes pouring out. You don't have to say anything, Jaya J. I'm lucky to be alive. But my trembling vision and that horrible tinnitus is driving me nuts, especially at night when it's quiet outside. Your dreams are mostly horrid ones too... Sigh.

      But at least you look great whereas I am turning into a blue plant. (Tell me I'm nuts.)

    3. thank you Angie! i suppose it must be in the asian gene :p
      problem you say, Blue? it's becoming less of a problem as i get older and look around me.
      it's ironic that for someone dealing with deafness, my world is never quiet. try to create white noises in your surrounding.

      you're nuts. there you go i said it.


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