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Buy Me A Beach

My late grandad was the strongest man I knew. I'm talking about six packs and sculpted calves and all. Imagine a man who still climbed three-storey high, straight up coconut trees at almost 80. He did a lot of manual work around the house and cycled to wherever he went, near and far. At the end of a day, he relaxed with his feet soaked in a basin of hot, salted water. My grandma also sometimes used salt-in-a-sock for pain relief. 

Grandpa used a British-made bicycle that looked like this. 
I was given a mini version of it, also British made. 

Climbing a coconut tree.

I don't know why I never thought of using salt like that but recently I've been turning to saltwater more often and loving the incredible healing effects it has on me. I come back from beaches with an uplifted spirit, relieved of physical pain (my legs). It has to be the salty ocean and breeze. 

A beautiful beach here in Qatar. 

Qatar has some lovely, clear blue line of beaches. Never expected to find this when I first came here from the tropical side of the world. We try to go to the beach whenever we could. It takes about 40 mins to get to the location in the picture above. For a little TLC at home, I have started soaking my feet in a bucket of salted water like my grandad. Therapeutic. But nothing beats the blue breezy beach though. It's a whole different sort of holistic experience. Buy me a beach, anyone ? A small stretch will do! 


  1. Wouldn't it be amazing to have your own island? You buy one, and I'll visit you.


    1. yes that would be amazing, Janie !
      but i seriously don't mind just a small portion of it. will do so much good :) you can join me!

  2. That's a lovely looking beach, but the sand must be baking hot. Can you walk on it barefoot?

    1. in the peak of summer, it's very hot of course but by evening it's warm. it's really nice to walk barefooted then. it's like salt-in-a-sock therapy.

  3. Sure, the cat has plenty of "beach" in his litterbox he can send for free lol

  4. I shall be trying the salt water out. How about for headaches - how to use the salt water for that?

    Duncan In Kuantan

    1. i'm really not sure about that, Duncan. maybe try going to the beach just to breathe the air and relax. it helps me overall though.
      i also find raw juices helps cure headaches effectively.
      try this:

      3 large organic carrots, washed and scrubbed
      1-2 stalks organic celery, washed
      1-2 cucumber
      1 apple
      1 inch chunk fresh organic ginger, peeled

      juice them.

      hope it works for you too.

  5. Your grandfather sounds like a hero to me Jaya, I love that even in his advanced years he was still climbing trees! I'd love to have my own private beach, if somebody wants to buy me one I'd be a very happy guy personally as well.

    1. he was a strong man. not sure if he was a hero though :p i had my issues with him.
      a beach it is then :)

  6. I want to...NO ...I NEED to go o that beach Jaya! I'll go halves on a stretch?

    There is nothing quite like the ocean to relieve any stress. It has magical qualities.

    1. it does, right? it so does.

      this is free, public beach Juliette.
      beautiful isn't it.

  7. Qatar sounds nice, how restricted are the beaches?
    When i lived in the middle east the beaches were covered in fag butts, and nothing to see but malls. Shop or drop.

    The beaches were so hot the sand was like walking on burning coals.

    1. this is free, public beach. there's plenty of it. no restrictions, you're free to swim in your swim wear but i'd feel odd doing now in front of these fully clad women. so we pick our own stretch in the desert. it's fun.
      yes, Dubai had issues with their waters. all waste released into the sea. such a shame!

      during summer peak, it is hot but evenings are soothingly warm and dry summers are the best. love it without the humidity.


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