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Red Lipstick and Simple Joy

NOTHING profound here but just a note to say that I know it's been a loooong time since the last post and I'm sorry for not following up or leaving comments. It seems like I'm in the middle of a rather saucy semester of my life! When I last wrote on here, I didn't think that there would be a pause like this but some matters came up, and they needed my full attention, and they're still going to need much attention for some time. However, I've said to myself that I'll try to keep things happening on here as much as I can.

On another note, the weather has perked up and I've totally weaned off Cookie Crisps. My day begins with fresh juices and more fresh juices whenever I feel like it although washing the juicer can be a real pain in the arse. How I wish the machine could magically clean itself after each use! Too bad for me, I rather drink than eat most fruits, unless they're really sweet cherries or berries of sorts. 

My favourite combination at the moment is watermelon and pomegranates. I adore pomegranates, always did. There is something pretty about the shiny, beady pulps of the fruit. The red pulps have a gem-like quality to them and I've always been fascinated by its beauty and flavour. Typically, I'd collect the pulps in a container and put it into the fridge so I could munch on them, cold and juicy, whenever I'm watching TV.  

I also love how my kitchen top collects messy little pools of potent ruby-red colour when I cut open the fruit on it, or how the juice drips alongside my forearm when I'm holding up a portion for a bite. I love the temporary stains it leaves on my fingers and palms when I'm handling it. It sort of reminds me of the red candies with excessive food colouring that used to excite me as a kid. I'd smear them on the lips and pretend it's all lipstick. Simple joy.  

Love the colour

Guess what I've found while researching on these two fruits? 
I love green apple and pear combination too. They're lovely but boring. 


  1. Fruit juices are tasty, but they tend to make you want to pee all the time.

  2. It sounds as if things are fruity as well as saucy! I love the taste of pomegranate but not the hard part of the seed. I assume you eat it like a true aficionado!

  3. I love Pomegranates too :) And Watermelon!

    I can relate to having things to see to. My life has been kinda hectic lately too.

  4. Yeah sometimes life gets in the way, but all that matters is you live to blog another day.

  5. Life is busy, but sometimes we have to take a moment to see the hummingbirds around a fruit tree.

  6. The summer has been busy for everyone. I am struggling with time and I don't even work. Take care of "you bizness" but don't stray too far:)

  7. Pomegranate and watermelon sounds like a great mix although apple and pear might be even better for me. Don't worry too much about comments and things Jaya, like Pat says, so long as you don't leave forever we're okay, great post as usual anyway, sorry things are so busy if it's not a pleasant busy.

  8. I've missed you, sweet girl.


  9. Watermelon plus pomegranate equals erection? That's, um... a little bizarre.

    But I adore pomegranates, too. They're like edible rubies.

  10. Melon and pomegrenate... is that a fact? Well, that explains a lot, considering I haven't eaten a melon for over, what, ten years. Yes, we've missed you. :))

  11. welcome back! the research explains a lot..thanks!!!
    study hard! i have never met a person who regretted studying.

  12. I just went to the store and bought all of their watermelons and pomegranates. It's going to be a busy weekend!

  13. Ha, the pictures made me laugh, what do you do with your fruit to get that reaction? Though what does this mean for a guy, if i eat pommegranite will i get chased down the street by guys with boners, i don't want this to happen. Maybe i should stick to McDonalds? I like putting fresh fruit in yoghurt, but the guy i share with right now, who is my old housemate, he is a bit ocd and he throws fruit away if he thinks its got any bruises. And he works in a hospital! what he does if someone comes in injured is not worth thinking.Did you ever hear that bad joke called 'what is mau mau?' itsabout fruit.

  14. Ok three exploreres are deserted on an island and they come in to contact with a dangerous village tribe. Because their idiots they offend the chief who gives them a choice 'shove a piece of fruit up their ass or 'death by mau mau' Thefirst explorer finds the only cherrys on the island and so thinks hes lucky. Thenext guy finds tiny crap apples, and accepts his fate. The final guy realises all the fruit hasbeen grabbed by his freinds, all is left is pineapples.. 'Ok'hes shouts ' no way im having those up there, ill take death by mau mau' The chief reaches in to a sack and pulls up a pineapple 'here is mau mau, bend over' he says.


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