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The Tree

MY Christmas tree is finally up and lit ! 
It's been a bitter sweet experience for me to buy and decorate one in my own house for the first time in my life. Since I had always gone back home to my parents' or gone off to the Middle East for Christmas, I've never had a reason to put up one in my living room. But this year, Christmas is where I live and my husband insisted that we have one. I  wasn't crazy with the idea and so Compromise brought us to a 'small tree'. And then I went shopping...

... and ended up with a 8 foot tall dark forest, weighing 18kg (minus ornaments), and dragging the box containing it up to the 18th floor where I live must have been assisted by a divine force because it was all dead weight.  Why the hassle you ask. It's because average-sized  trees in every type were sold out, and I didn't want to mall-hop + I went shopping alone mightily. But I did take the elevator up the floors :)

Still need of a Star

An Angry Bird
from Danny
Putting up the tree was a breeze but decorating was not. I had under-estimated it and ended up with many small ornaments which once up, seemed lost in the dense branches. So I went to Petaling Street to shop for decors. You would think things were cheap there as compared to Metrojaya or Jusco, but really, I was in for a surprise. They weren't cheap alright. Very simple, stylized  styrofoam baubles went for RM20 at its cheapest for half a dozen (or less) and I needed at least 20 of the large ones for my pine forest. Since I was already there, I store-hopped and bought only those on sale. They were shiny and nice like the newer ones, and I strictly didn't want to splurge on the decors. I also added some nice wired ribbons on reels to my purchase. And then, the fairy lights ! For that, I went back to the Bangsar Shopping Centre where I had bought the tree two days earlier. The lights in Petaling Jaya street cost RM19 to RM30, while the same lights in BSC was like less than RM7 for 8meters of 100 bulbs. I needed 500 bulbs for radiant brightness. 

A bow made from wired ribbon

Thanks to Mek Zin who gave me some tips on tree management, I was able to come up with a decent looking tree in two challenging hours. Fixing the lights were not fun but once that was done, it was easy for everything else to fall into place although I could do with more trimmings. 

Maybe I could make some. 
Sweeeeet :p

Warm red shiny bauble 


  1. Your tree's actually so awesome Jaya, I honestly love it! Great post as always, you're sure going to have an awesome Christmas!

  2. A small tree indeed, that one is almost an Ent!!
    Your decorating labours should not be long lived if you have kids, who will overrule and overrun you in all decisions thereof.
    Happy Christmas to you, and your family.

  3. Yes, Jaya, your tree looks spectacular.

  4. What fun! Shouldn't there be a fairy at the top and a few gifts at the bottom?

  5. Your tree looks awesome

  6. It looks absolutely beautiful - you’ve done a marvelous job!
    As for all the ornaments? The good news is that you’ll never have to spend that amount of money again – they’ll last for years and years. Be sure to pack them away carefully when the tree comes down...

  7. Awesome tree! :D

  8. That tree looks fabulous! I love it. Particularly fond of the wired ribbon! AhhH, you're first tree in your home; glad you went BIG!

  9. I love it. :3

  10. nice ready for christmas

  11. How pretty

  12. It's really such a gorgeous tree. Kudos!

  13. your tree looks beautiful. i hope you get lots of presents :)

  14. That three looks amazing! I'm jealous... I have some xmas lights in my living room and a two foot fiber optic tree I haven't taken out of the box.

  15. I've known many that could never stick to their "only going to get a short tree" promise. haha. the angry bird ornament.

  16. Lovely! Have a Merry Christmas

  17. Good for you - it looks lovely. I have my tree up, and the lights on, but my son and I have yet to decorate it. Tomorrow, for sure.

  18. You truly went all out, not a short tree at all..haha..great decorating job too.

  19. Looks great. We got ours up and decorated last night. My 3 year old and I made the decorations this year for the tree.

  20. Wow nice Jaya.. here's wishin u the best wishes fr the season n some early wishes fr a fabulous new 2012 :D

    n btw, ur X Mas tree looks swell :)

    it's finally tht time of the year... yippee.. :)


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