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Better than a first-class Prostitute

WERE you laughing or crying when you read the newpapers recently ? Perhaps you were just too dumbfounded to react to the news of the Obedient Wives Club launch. Let me tell ya, I was a couldron of mixed feelings to the boiling point but I managed to laugh out loud while digesting what I read. The gist of the story is that the club members are motivated by the belief that social ills and domestic violence can be curbed if a wife keeps her husband satiated in bed. In short, be sexy and alluring to keep your man roped to you so he doesn't go looking for it elsewhere. The exact idea is to serve the husband 'better than a first-class prostitute' because gone are the days of a good mother and cook. No good sex = prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies. 

I mean, seriously. What kind of a twisted hypothesis is that ?

The simple truth is tying a man to the bed posts isn't going to stop him from straying. While a healthy conjugal relationship is important to sustain a marriage, a marriage based on it alone may not be sustainable. I would think it also takes some bit of chemistry between two people and brains (in the head above the shoulders) in both individuals for a marriage to work out. Or to somewhat work. Otherwise, how do you spend the after-hours ? Let alone a lifetime. Forget the vows.

It also makes me wonder about the wives. Setting a standard higher than a first-class prostitute is kind of heavy duty. Where would they be deriving their syllabus from for teaching the lessons they must learn ? Alluring and Obedient Wife 101 must be real sexciting then. I'm curious, really.

Well, I guess the club members got to be careful when they aim to be better than a first class prostitute - some sexual acts are deemed to be against the order of nature in this country. Just look around.


  1. News of this club has gone around the world! What I want to know is who will teach these dutiful wives how to be good in bed? Will the mullahs lend them their porn videos?

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    What sexual acts are illegal in Malaysia Jaya?

  3. Yes GB, It surely has. There is always a community of idiots around here who would get us some international attention for the most embarrassing of reasons. My point exactly :) i mean how else do you 'teach' these things ?

    NM: I'll email you.

  4. Literally tying a man to the bed posts will stop him from straying. I might organize a bound husbands club.

  5. I suspect unsatisfied wives are responsible for more crime than the husbands. Add in some crazy hormones and you have a recipe for carnage. I also wonder how they are defining good sex? Is there a score card could use?


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