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"DO not add my mother on your Facebook okay. If she adds you, just pretend like you didn't get any request from her, unless of course if you want her to post embarassing replies to your statuses. I think I need to create a whole new profile just for her and my aunts," said Mich.

"Oh babe, I just taught your mom how to poke you," I replied, laughing. I get Mich's point - I also wouldn't want my mother on my FB, checking on stuff I'd only want my friends and acquaitances to have access to. What's more with an older friend confessing to me last week of 'stalking' her daughter on FB. Freaky, isn't it. You must have seen the look on her face when she had said it. 

Aunty Lian on FB
Thirty minutes earlier, while Mich was sleeping upstairs, I was in the kitchen, playing with Daisy (the much-loved golden retriever) and talking to Aunty Lian, Mich's mom. The 70++ retired English teacher was animatedly telling me about her newly set-up FB account, and how she was friends with her cousins, nieces and nephews. 

"What's your e-mail address, I'll add you, then I can see you on Facebook," she said to me, bringing out her iPhone and iPad, showing me her profile page, which had a photo of Daisy as the profile pix.

Daisy and I (7 yrs ago)

Aunty Lian was proud to show off her page to me. She went on to tell me how she had friend requests from strangers in different continents, and how she had rejected their requests.

"How can I add them ? I don't know them and they don't know me too," she justified.

I went on to teach her how to poke and throw sheep at friends (not that it's of any use), and she was thrilled and determined to poke some friends that evening. I also told her about the many applications available including online Scrabble, and advised her not to randomly add Alejandros and Romeos out there (there's been some cases I know where women/ men have been cheated off their money). She listened while feeding me with more durians. Daisy had her face on my lap, eagerly hoping that I'd feed her some of what's being fed to me. And I would have if Aunty Lian wasn't watching me :)

Semi-precious stones
Aunty Lian also logs on from her laptop or desktop when researching on subject matters of interest. I remember during a time when we were so into the subject of 'gem stones for healing', this septuagenarian did a research and handed me a thick print-out on some semi-precious stones. I was impressed alright. Since she had taken the trouble for it, I had read up so much on the subject that I'd fantasized about being a gemmologist at the time! She's an inspiring, computer savvy woman, this Aunty Lian.

Well, she hasn't sent in friend request to me yet, so till then I'm planning on reminding Mich on how her mom wants to be my FB friend. I think I'd like to see Mich cringe :)  


  1. Does Mich know how to block people? Her mum would never find her Facebook page if she blocked her.

  2. Mich does know but if Aunty Lian can't find her on FB, she's going to ask why and why not. So its better to have a page for her.

  3. Funny story!

    Thank you very much for your well wishes while I was sick!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. I don't think I'll ever have that problem. My mom doesn't know how to switch on the computer.

  5. I found out my son and his girlfriend split up by reading his facebook page :-(


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