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Itchy and Ticklish

MY left palm is itchy. I'm trying to focus on writing just so I can ignore the desperate urge to scratch the spot between the index finger and thumb. But it's impossible to ignore - like having a cup cake and not eat it. So I bring my right index, middle and ring fingers to relieve the itchy tension but when I do that, it's ticklish. I dont't know if I should laugh or cry! They say an itchy left palm means having to spend more money. Money comes in if it's the right palm that's itching. If your sole is itchy, you are meant for some serious travelling.

Whenever my eye twitched, Grandma told me that I was going to meet someone, and when I was young I actually looked forward to meeting this someone whom I always presumed was a boy. Unfortunately, no boys knocked on the front door over weekends and Johnny Depp never popped out of the idiot box. 

Sneezing means someone is thinking of you. But logic says you're probably just catching the bug of the season. Still, I like the idea of being thought of - fondly or otherwise. Makes me smile.

"Someone is bad-mouthing me," mom says each time she bites her tongue or lower lip while chewing on her food.

It happens to her more often than it does to the rest of us in the family. Mom's been using dentures for eternity and over the years, she has had her share of bad and good dentures. My guess is that when she's having a mouthful of food, she gets her allignments wrong, resulting in constant accidental biting of the tongue and lower lip. Besides, I always thought Grandma was more likely a target for bad-mouthers for she was quite straight-forward with her thoughts, and that often got her into misunderstandings with people who didn't know her well enough to ignore or take her opinions in a positive way. She meant well though.

Now my entire palm is itching and I'm also beginning to imagine an itchy sole and back. Perhaps it simply means it's time for me to head home for a hot shower with an anti-bacterial shower gel. Nothing more, nothing less.


  1. Time for a soothing hand gel. An unrelieved itch can cause desperate behaviour - you might try to stroke a porcupine or something.

  2. Hands off Johnny Depp. He's mine

  3. Only the other day someone held a buttercup under my chin to see if l liked butter or not (if the colour of the flower reflects on your chin, you do).It reflects naturally on every single person.Except if you have a beard. Wierd. You have to love the nonsensical old wive's tales. x

  4. GB: porcupines are hard to come by in this concrete jungle of mine :)

    NM: he's long due for an Oscar. one of the greatest actors of our time if u ask me :)

    NO:11 - i think there must be a reason behind most old wives tales, although the reasons known to us today seem silly :)


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