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Take Me Back to Christmas

Can we go back in time and stay at Christmas, please? 

I did not step into 2020 thinking that I'd be returning to a financially troubled workplace after that long holiday, only to be offered a new position at a competitor's within the same month. I would then take that offer, watch all that drama unfold in the office while I serve my notice, hear about the emergence of the Wuhan virus, write about the first identified case in Malaysia, experience more shocking office drama; secretly relieved that I had a new workplace April onwards. Just for the record, there are a total of 5,532 confirmed cases in Malaysia as of today, with a total of 93 deaths. 

By mid March, the Malaysian government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) - basically a lockdown, a law was  drawn up and enforced to make sure that we stay at home, and flatten the Covid-19 curve, because by then, our numbers were driving up. A month from that, my new employer would cancel the legally-binding employment contract between us because the economy was taking a serious dive down the shithole. Which brings me here; to a situation where I'm left jobless, scrambling to secure a job within the next few months, at a time where half the world had been given a paycut, while the other half, I don't know, probably is as jobless as I am. 

All of the above within the first quarter of 2020! I wanted to do big things in 2020. We were planning the Kilimanjaro climb (a dream of mine) for October, but by March, seeing the situation around the world, we did not go ahead with the booking. Of course, there were other plans in between and before that, the status for which are still unknown. But my current worries are about the basics. How is it going to be for us? What will be our new normal? When will we recover? Or will we ever? 

Can we ever go back to Christmas? 

Dec 24, 2019
Melbourne, Australia 


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