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Balcony Camping

It feels like there's too much red on here. I'm even feeling a little trapped by this new template but I'm too lazy to go through the whole rite of template-searching again. The earlier blue skies and poppy flowers are no longer available for me to return to. Sadly. 

So, I've been camping on my balcony past few weeks. Let's just say that I've spent some quality time in it. I've never slept in a tent except for that one work trip some years ago. Technically, it shouldn't count because we had air-conditioning, proper beds, dressing mirrors and a pantry just outside. All four adults sharing the tent walked comfortably upright while having their own space too. We glamped. 

My balcony tent is far more basic. It's something I got from Carrefour during a sale. Meant for four but it's just nice for one person (okay, I like my space). A few layers of duvet, a sleeping bag and some pillows with my favourite things at the side and it's perfect.

Some evenings, I sleep through the night. It's beautiful during the full moon. I lie on my back watching the moonlit sky from the open zipper door. I feel like I'm being raised upwards and offered to the universe because the moon and the sky are all I see from my where I am. Cold, windy nights are creepy. Double creepy when there's no moonlight. The cheap nylon of the tent flaps violently and there're all these sounds that play soundtrack to my overactive mind. So, I reach under the duvet where I keep my folded camping knife I got from an ex-colleague one Christmas for some assurance.

It's too hot to spend a lot of time in the tent when the sun is high during the day. But I do like spending 30 to 45 minutes in it with the zipper door open. Just to lie down on my chest with eyes shut. Technically, I'm not under direct sunlight but there's still the calming dose of the mid-eastern sun on me. One of the little pleasures in life. 

This is at 6am. It gets too bright by then. 

Currently, it's very windy outside. The tent is flailing helplessly but the structure is holding up well. Well, I hope it does until the first of summer months. On another note, Happy New Year y'all. This is, after all, my first post for the year, coming your way 10 weeks late, enough time for small events to have major impacts in your lives. 

Have a great day, y'all. 



  1. I've never slept in a tent, either!

    1. give a try when you can :)

  2. You call that... a balcony? That's a huge terrace! I could show you a balcony, but it would be embarrassing....

    Good to have you back.

    1. LOL. it does go around the house and is bigger than the living space itself. we usually have our parties here during winter.


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